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  1. call me mean, but i actually like the part Sucharat (Pie) was complaining to Supanart (Kim) why Kim isnt on time for their date. Kim lied to Pie that she had to work but when the fact is, Kim was on a date with Apittha (Jam). I think Jam is more cute than Pie so I wanted to see Pie lose out.

    Another part i like was when Kim & Jam was at the province of Nan planting vegetables. The scenery is very beautiful. And Jam looks really cute ^^

  2. Actually the whole part 1 and 2 made me cry alot. I am just really touch and sad when i see yam is willing to let kim go back to pie. It just reminds me of me. I love the most is the ending of part 2 where both of them still willing to give each other another chance for a destined love. (ps: in fact i also watched YoN 2.5. I love how brave wine[tina] is, to face everything with her gf after she runaway from her engagement/ wedding celebration.)

  3. My favorite part of the movie is when Kim took the lollipop from Pie and Pie was surprised and freezed for a moment, it seemed like Pie realized something, but seemed like not too, and the butterflies flying around them >.< . for the Yes or No 2, the scene when Kim was so concerned about the Necklace that she gave Pie but was returned when they broke up, and when she open the pendant, it's like every feeling hit her and she knew it she shouldn't had let Pie go.

  4. As Thai lover, the first time i saw this movie, i think that “why this story main to girls love each other?” then i took along the part of the story and the last part makes me said “wow this is a good story idea”
    So i love the part of Yes or No 2 when Kim says to Pie that “she never wanted a baby for her happiness, the important is happiness with Pie”. *yeah something like that* *forget already*
    Thanks~ from Indonesia..

  5. Hmm my favorite part is when Pie and Kim meet up for first time. That part is epic haha but in the last movie I like when Pim says “In the end, nature creates women to be with men.. it’s unchangeable”

  6. My favourite part is from “Yes or No 2” and it’s Kim’s super heart-warming speech in the end of the movie.

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