5 comments on ““มือปืน (Meu Bpeun)” by Pongsit Kumpee

  1. Durian the mask singer bring me here. Can you please tell me what the song is about. I know thai a little, but look like i’ve a problem with song for life, maybe because the meaning is too deep and i can’t relate the lyrics. Did he killed his own boss and felt relieved claiming that is the 1st time he felt like he was still a human? Thank you.

    • I guess it’s about a poor guy who started working as an assassin until his boss got caught trafficking drugs, so rather than go to jail, he asked him to kill him, so he did and could finally stop being a hitman

      • Thank you for the clarification Tahmnong. Really appreciate it. Song for life is really hard to understand. Or maybe it was just me. Thanks again.

      • I guess the boss asked him to kill the boy who saw him trading drugs, but instead of this he shoot the boss so he can smell the goodness and feel he still being a human then he shoot himself made a suicide

  2. No… he worked for the mafia boss untill a little boy saw the ganja selling and boss ask him to kill the boy than he killed the boss and feld good with himself than he killed himself.

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