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  1. Hello! First i’d like to thank you for this giveaway, every song you translate, and info you gave us. I have never Got interested with Thai entertainment but i Grew up with it so naturally i’ve loved it since. I find the language very beautiful and their culture too (mine is similar). I love how they respect each other (in lakorns?). Well, I love everything 🙂

  2. I got interested in thai entertainment because of the movie A Little Thing Called Love. It was so popular when it aired here in our country. Then I learned about lakorns and got addicted to the stories. I love their OST too. I stumbled upon your blog when I searched for the lyrics and translations of the songs for the series Suparburoot Jutathep, because I need them to make lrc for the mp3. Since then I always check your blog for the lyrics of the songs that I like. Please continue your blog for it is a great help to people like me who rely on translations to know the meaning of these beautiful thai songs!

  3. I got interested in Thai entertainment cuz Yes or No
    It is a bittersweet love story I love it a lot
    But I don’t really focus on thai entertainment at that time
    Until last year I saw video clips of Af10 Nan & Hongyok
    So I started listening to Thai songs again

  4. Went to Thailand several times, chilled and the local pubs/bars with live bands and instantly got addicted to thai songs which then lead to my getting addicted to thai lakorn. HAHA!

    Whatever songs im looking for will always be translated here! and also the translation has helped much with my thai language learning!

  5. Hello. Sawadee ka i’m from Indonesia. First I got interested in Thai entertainment was when I was given Thai movies by my friend. She gave me some comedy movies. And I was looking for other movies. And in Oct’14 Kao Jirayu went to Jakarta for meet n greet. After that, I always follow all news about Thai movies. I got Hormones the series after i already watched so many Thai movies. And I was looking for some sountracks in HM. And idk I just found Deungdutjai. When I opened the website, i felt very happy! Bcs it’s rare to find Thai song’s lyric in multilanguage. And i followed Deungdutjai in Facebook. After that, everytime I look for Thai song and its lyric, I check first in Deungdutjai. Keep up your good work! I will always support Deungdutjai. Thank you for giving so many lists about Thai songs to us who aren’t Thai.

  6. I was introduced to Love Sick The Series by a friend from Brazil (even though I live closer to Thailand; I live in Hong Kong) and I’ve been hooked ever since! I watched almost all of season one in one day haha, it’s so addictive!
    After finding as many songs from the soundtrack as I could, your website helped me fill in the lyrics section so I can sing along!
    🙂 I’m most excited about the Friday College T-Shirt because it’s in the perfect size and it looks so cool!

  7. It was my first lakorn with “Jam Loey Rak” that got me into Thai Entertainment. When that started, I saw English subs were posted by Wishboniko (back then, I wish the channel was up *sigh*). After I finished that drama, I moved on to watch many others, including Aum & Aff’s “Roy Mai” and “Namtan Mai.” I moved on to other actors/actress like Anne & Ken and omg yassssss I just loved them so much [I haven’t seen a pairing from them lately unless I’m blind tbh.]. Since wishboniko isn’t around, I have to rely on Viki and other users on YT who subs lakorn.

    With lakorns, there would be OSTs with them, which is always so deep, and I’ll find official MVs somewhere around YT and some would be at the Grammy channel. I explored music from that channel and that’s basically where I listen to most of my Thai music and discovered it (because obviously Grammy is the biggest company in Thailand LOL).

    Then I found your site, I think I remember my first request was from Note the Star and Takkatan, lol. 😛

    These were actually the early stages of my “Thai Obsession”

  8. I got interested in Thai entertainment by watching lakorn! At first I’m not really interested in Thai but when I came to America, I don’t like watching their TV show or movi. All my free time I watch Thai drama and if their theme song is good I will listen to it again and again until I’m tired of it! I don’t understand Thai language but by watching a lot of lakorn with eng sub I’m kinda of getting it! Ur site is so helpful to me! I use it to sing my favorite song like kareoke because it have the lyrics in English and engaging and Thai so it’s really helpful!

  9. Hello im sri wahyuni from indonesia… i got interesd in the thai movie beacause im fujoshi… i watch a lot of thai movie and series but i really really love thai movie even more beacause love sick and i love thai movie beacause they sweet. Romantic and. They all awesome i really love it….now i really love thailand and next year i visit thailand….. sorry my english not good

  10. Wow thank you so much for this~ I think the movies made me more interested in the Thai entertaiment, it’s a bit difficult for me to understand since I speak Spanish, but I like a lot and also the Thai culture.
    The reality is that I like the music and how different it’s from where I am. I am grateful for your translations!
    Thank you ~

    • I started my Thai Entertainment addiction during love of siam, I was brokenhearted about Phun and Noh. From there i started watching other Lakorn and Movies. Then i discover Hormones and lovesick 🙂 I love the way how Thai Entertainment reaches the heart of the viewers 🙂

  11. Sawatdee kha! I got interested in Thai Entertainment (and Thailand in general) since I watched “Yes or No”. I was searching for some Asian Les-movies, found “Yes or No”, watched…and fell in love.
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  12. Thank you very much for this giveaway guys , I was born in Bangkok but had left it 10 years ago and I’ve never been back .. so I’ve forgotten the language … but thanks to you guys who are helping me learning again with your subs and information … which drag us all to Thai entertainment .. music , songs , movies, shows and much more … love them all ❤

  13. Thank you for your wonderful translations ❤️‍ I watched some Thai movies and lakorns and found many songs I liked thanks to your site. Now I listen to Thai music regularly and understand a lot of it ✌️

  14. I first got interested in Thai entertainment because of the music. I met a friend on MySpace (Back in like 2006 or something) from Thailand and she told me that her favorite band just released a new album and sent me the MP3 of “พรหมลิขิต” by Big Ass… At first I was like… whats that name? 😐 but I really liked the song and asked for some more songs. She sent me some more by Big Ass, Bodyslam and some other artists. I liked it and it became a few of the bands I listened to. Later when I met more Thai people (Thats in about 2010) I learned about more artists and more bands and I also got informed about some movies. I remember that the first Thai movie I saw was “Sick Nurses” (สวยลากไส้) and I really thought it was so bad! haha
    After that I got informed about some better movies and I saw movies like “Nang Nak” and “4bia” which I did really like.
    Then in 2013 I first went to Thailand to meet my friends again (They’ve been in the netherlands and I missed them)
    On my first trip I saw many groups play because there was some festival around Siam Paragon where artists played every night and I saw artists like “Four Mod” and “Mild”
    On other trips I went to more concerts and I even got a chance to see my first known Thai bands (Bodyslam and Big Ass) in concert while going to Changfest.
    All of these are memories that will stay with me forever and have become a part of my life.
    I’ve started learning Thai a few months ago which is currently quite hard because of my busy work scedule but I still try to learn as much as I can.
    I got the symbol of Bodyslam dharmajāti “≠” tattood on my arm and also the last lyrics of “ชีวิตยังคงสวยงาม” The words: “แม้เส้นทาง ไกลห่าง เพียงไหน ไม่ว่าจะร้ายดี ชีวิตยังคงสวยงาม”
    Thai entertainment (Mostly the music) will always be with me 🙂

    So that’s my life story!
    I doubt you’ll read it all! haha

  15. Sawadeeka.I am Ivon ,greeting from Malaysia.

    I first got interested in Thai entertainment was set back to 2009. The artist that I got addicted was Bie Sukrit Wisedkaew and his drama called Prajan See Rong with Aff. I did some research about P’Bie later on and found that he was a singer also,then I started my addiction to thai music.

    I’ve been to Thailand before and I love the culture, the people and the language there. Although Malaysia is near with Thailand but it’s quite hard to find Malaysian who loves Thai entertainment,maybe because of language problem. It also hard for me to find any Thai music album here in Malaysia 🙁

    However, listening to Thai song and watching Thai lakorn really helps me to improve my Thai language,and now I can speak Thai well all thanks to this blog and subtitles team. Every time when I heard a good OST or Thai music, I will come to this blog and search for it 😀

    Honestly,I found that Thai entertainment is a lot better than Malaysia entertainment in the factor of creative,publisher and quantity.That’s why I always love Thai entertainment. I am almost 20 already,I will still continue to love Thai entertainment like how I first fell in love with it. My latest larkon now watching is I wanna be sup’star and Jatt Ruk. ^^

    Lastly, Thank you for always working on the Thai music entertainment translation. We do appreciate it a lot 😀

    Love always. Have a nice day ^^

  16. I got interested in Thai entertainment 3 years ago. I remember that I had heard something about K-OTIC, but I never actually watched a video of them back then, But one day I watched Help me please by FFK, and I started watching more and more, and I got addicted to the karaokes, even if I could not say a single word the right way hahaha. At first Thai sounded a bit weird, but somehow I loved it. Then I watched Yes or No and some lakorns… I really fell in love with Thai entertainment.

  17. Sawasdee krab… I’m Richard from Indonesia. Well, I personally don’t care much about the goodies. I just want to say khob khun mak mak krab for this website with lots of songs translation. I love Thai entertainment, esp the music and movies. First I know thai songs from late of 90’s when I was teenager (geez, its been 18yrs man!!!). I watched it on MTV Asia, there was a show called Bangkok Jam hosted by May Pataravarin Timkul (then changed to Jay Montonn Jira, then last Uttsada Panichkul). I watched the show every week and become crazier than ever. That time I still dunno about internet, no YouTube, hard to find any mp3, etc. The only one thing I can do to have any copies of my fav songs were record it to my tape recorder. Yeah, it was crazy thing to record the audio from TV show. The result was far from good, but I’m happy enough. Then I have an idea to write a request to the show, asking where can I get any Thai music. The host answered and give me a website of Grammy Entertainment. It was the first time in my life I knew internet… 5555… Then I knew how to do online shopping, I bought lots of tape, CDs and vcds every year. My biggest dream is going to Bangkok. After I got work and making my own money, on 8th Aug 2012 on the first time in my life I went to Bangkok. It was a dream come true. And I promise to myself, every year I have to go visited Thailand. Yes, I did it, Thailand is my second country, feel like going back home every time I go there. Well, even I dunno pasathai much, even lots of friends call me freak, mai pen rai, I don’t care that much. I love this country, I love the music, the culture, the foods, the peoples, everything! And my next goal gotta be working & living in Thailand. Wish me luck 555… Oh, hard to mention who’s my fav singers, but mostly I love them from the 90’s. I love Bird, Mos, Christina, Marsha, Nicole, Nat, Tata, Jetrin, James, Dome, Peter, zaza, and many many more… And those from 2000’s like ice, aof, Peck, da, Palmy, Bie, Namcha, etc…. I dunno how many CDs I have right now, its really huge collection. Oh, I never been to any concert yet, but someday I’m sure I’ll have a chance 🙂

  18. Hey!!!

    What got me into thai entertainment was probably my first trip to Bangkok itself. I was so fascinated by the friendly people i met..be in on the streets or hotel staff. I turned on the TV in my hotel room and It was a show on Thai MVs, The first song i heard was อกมีไว้หัก by Bird Thongchai, It was so catchy and i started watching everyday to see what songs i could get. I went to ask the Hotel Staff for translation of the titles that i had in my phone.

    Slowly, I started looking for random thai songs on youtube, hoping for english translation every time! Then i found out about your site as well, truly a great site, very informative and you did help me with issues that are non lyrics related ^^ .

    I try to make it a point to visit parts of thailand every year.

    P.S Trying to woo a thai girl currently!

    Facebook name: Stanley La Momie

  19. Sawadeekhrap…First was the Hormones the Series (my fav couple : Phu & Thee), then comes LoveSick the Series season 1, season 2 (fav couple: Phun & Noh) and the latest The School….it got so addictive. Thanks to all who shared the series on youtube and those who english subbed them. A lot of thanks to Deungdutjai for updating us with the latest Thai songs and their lyrics. Khob khun mak khrap.

  20. Back in 2002-2005, my grandma would rent two to five dubbed lakorns to watch. I was
    infatuated by the look of P’ek and N’ek, so I would beg and ask if I can borrow the lakorn to watch.

    It wasn’t until 2008 when I discovered Dubbed Thai lakorns on Youtube. I would go on the site and look up tons of dubbed lakorn to watch. I was 11 years old at that time.

    Side Note: The dubbed version has a different title from the original.

    (2012) As I grew older, the dubbed voice were getting on my nerves so I decided to quit watching the dubbed version. I remember watching my first lakorn and I did not enjoy it at all. It was hard for me because I had no idea what were they saying.

    One day, I was on Viki looking through the “categorize” and I clicked on “Thailand”.
    I was suprised because it had a few lakorn with ENGLISH SUBTITLES! I watched a few of them, & it took me a few months to get use to the Thai language. Oh, it turned out that Youtube did have some lakorns with Eng subbed.

    Beside Thai lakorns, I love Thai music. I started off with Thai Ost, Kamikaze, Rsiam then GMM. This was how I discovered Deungdutjai!!!!

    (2014-2015) My dad decided to order MalimarTV Network. I was super excited because I would get to watch air/new/old Thai lakorns and movies; however, the lakorns & movies are not subbed. But from the past two years, I learned how to catch some few terms and phrases.

    I told my grandma about this whole “Malimar” thing and she decided to order the channel too. Since then, she stop renting dubbed Thai Lakorns.

    I got interested in Thai Entertainment because of my grandma and the lakorn.

  21. Hello, Swadtee kha, since I’ve got the oppurtunity to comment here, I’d like to thank the admins and the translators of this site for helping us with the lyrics, pronounciations and translations. I’ve learnt few words because of this site!
    My journey to Thai entertainment industry as an audience was more like an accident in 2013. I stumbled upon a MV and instantly fell in love with it. It was Nadech and Kimberley’s Raeng Pradtana. Kim and Barry got me into lakorns, since then I’ve been following NY, MK, JMa, DJ Push, Tik, Anne, Noona, Toomtam, Matt, Vill, Bella, JJ, Bie etc., Now I watch other daras lakorns as well (even without subs as viki now has restrictions from the channels, though I hardly understand the raw).
    I’ve many reasons why I watch lakorns, mainly it’s because of their history, culture and the language, not to forget the suay N’eks, na rak P’eks (whose acting look so natural!) their family bonding and the OSTs.
    [Thailand has rich tradition, culture which people carry on with them no matter how forward they are.
    I learnt a lot about their history while watching Ka Badin (it’s one of my all time fave lakorn). Thai weddings are so beautiful too.
    People respect their family and give importance to them. This fascinates me as I am one of those who stick to their roots no matter what.]
    Now I spend most of my free time either here or on another forum (it’s a forum mostly for Thai lakorns/movies/daras along with others too.)
    Glad to say that now I understand few words, phrases with the help of deungdutjai and lakorns. Khop khun mak jing jing na kha for your effort to make it easy for us. Your time, hard work, efforts are greatly appreciated
    Even I’ve started to ‘wai’ to everyone around me as a side effect of lakorns! (from India)

  22. Hi! I first got into Thai entertainment during my trip to Laos in 2013. I knew there was going to be parties and such so I asked a friend of mine to recommend me some Thai songs that were popular. Most of the songs she told me to listen to were from Kamikaze. During my trip to Laos my interest for the music grew stronger. A lot of the concerts/parties I went to played a variety of different Thai music. I was introduced to a bunch of different genres. When I came back from my trip, I was just addicted to it. I looked into it more and found this website.

    Later, my friend began to show me different lakorns and we even began to try to cover a lot of different Thai songs (thanks to this site). Ever since then, my addiction to Thai entertainment has been strong.

  23. I got interested in Thai entertainment because of the open culture. The thais LGBT are so daring to be themselves(not all but most) and i wish i could in my own country, but it so difficult. secondly, my friends brought me to thai disco and as they kept playing those thai songs, i kinda like how the melody goes even though i dont understand a single word. as for myself, i play the guitar, so i really love music. and not knowing the lyrics, the melody of really sad thai songs touches me. and stumbling upon Kamikaze instagram, i totally fall for Knomjean voice(no doubt she has a pretty mesmerizing look, but i think is not original). so i start listening to even more thai song. and being a songwriter, i feel its good to give credits to the song writer for lyrics but knowing and understanding it, just like feel the melody. whether is song or movie, i kept searching for english or chinese subtitles on youtube, and always on the verge of giving up. until i came across deungdutjai, which i honestly say, it helps me to learn alot. and now i can communicate abit with my thai girlfriend. i really wish to get that YoN2 band…

  24. I grew up watching dubbed thai lakorns and one day i was searching for a old lakorn (had no idea what the thai title was) that I used to love starring Kwan and Win, and BAMMM from there I discovered many thai actors that I’ve watched onscreen. I started to gain interest in the Thai industry and started to watch many more lakorns and soon discovered series (hormones was my first series ever). Aside from that, there are websites with thai dara news and forums for lakorns and so that I also found out about, which pull me in even more. From watching lakorns to movies and series, I fell in love with almost every OST played in each production and found thai songs through youtube. I first discovered you when I found myself fangirling over New Chaiyapol, he starred in Poom Pae Krungthep and you happen to have that song translated on your website. With my love for the thai entertainment, I want to visit Thailand one day.The thai entertainment is what got me to love the Thailand, and it’s growing and growing erryday. 😉 i wish i had friends who had the same interest for the thai entertianment as I do, unfortunately they only exist online from where I live.

  25. Part 1 – I started listen to heavy metal metal. Black metal, melodic death metal, heavy metal, you name it, I listen to it. I had been doing that for the past 14 years. Went for gigs in Australia as I couldnt afford a ticket to Wacken Open Air in Germany where all the legendary metal bands had a 3 day metal fest. I had long hair because I wanted to emulate those metal dudes, once I had a torn neck ligament from head banging excessively. When I was recovering from injury, I asked myself if this is what i really wanted. Listening to black metal bands like Dimmu Borgir, Marduk, Dark Funeral, Cradle of filth isnt really good for myself. Music filled with blasphemy isnt something healthy.

    Then I got bored of all this, and decided to check out a youtube link on fb my friend posted one day. It was a song from Chin. That song was “Chan Ja Pai Gub Tur” and I like it !! From there I started searching for Thai music and I found my “girlfriend” haha..you probably knew which girl’s music that got my heart hooked in Thai music.

    Part 2 – I am always a horror fan. Watched American, Korean, Japanese and of course Thai horror and of all these, Thai horror is the most scary. Whenever I travel to Thailand, I will ALWAYS check out the latest Thai movie – weather horror, action or love. I just love Thai movies and standing up for the King’s song before the start of movie. You will probably have seen it , with the pictures I showed you.

    Part 3 – Remember in Part 1 when I said I check out a song on youtube my friend posted ? So yeah, In 2010 I finally decided to visit my 1st ever Asian country – Thailand ! When I first step at the immigration counter, a lovely girl said to me ” sawadee ka, welcome to Thailand ” and asked for my passport and did the necessary checks and stamp. It was such a friendly welcome that I never had experienced when I visited Australia, New Zealand, America and Central Europe.
    The streets, the air, the people was something I never felt when I was in a farang country. It was something special that I cannot put in words. My friend took me for a tour in Bangkok and Hua Hin. Since 2010 to now as of date,i made at least 15 visits to Thailand.

    Part 4 – I am a big fan of Thai food !

    I believe that I may have got out of point with Part 3 & part 4 since it’s not entertainment related, and may not have the high chance to win the prize, but I just wanna share how I basically fell in love with this beautiful country called Thailand.

    Thank you Tahmnong for reading my entry.

  26. Sawasdee krab. I would like to say thanks to this wonderful websites that help me to know how to sing my favourite thai songs. I have been living in Thailand for about two years, Thai music always inspires me. By the way, I am a big fan of Cocktail and 25hours. 🙂

  27. Hello, hello~~~ congrats to you Tahmnong on your first giveaway on this wonderful site of yours!!! It’s forever loved <3 Thanks for all the things you do.

    I must say that I got into the Thai ET world due to lakorns when I was younger. Of course I grew up, changed interests and hopped around… But I eventually wound up right back to the Thai ET again lol. I must say that lakorns, daras, and the artists were the main reason I was pulled back. You get the beautiful cast, a good storyline, and a great ost and boom.. You become interested in all 3 hehe. Most importantly though, I must say that music was a main factor for me still sticking around though, because there are just so many great artists out there to listen to with so much variety.

    Overall, I think Thailand has such a beautiful culture, arts, etc… That it's hard not to take interest in it… :3. (I'm so jumpy and off topic lol) good luck with your giveaway… Whoot whoot 😀

  28. Hello!

    I first got interested in Thai entertainment through the Thai clubs/discos sprouting about in Singapore, was listening to all the Bodyslam, Potato and Da Endorphine songs being sung by live bands and I was searching everywhere for the lyrics so I could learn to sing along and see what the lyrics were.

    Then my friends there introduced me to the lakorn Hormones the Series!

    That was it, I got hooked! Never looked back, my iPod is probably filled with at least 40% Thai songs, haha!

    Now, every year I make a trip to Thailand ( I don’t know if that’s cheating, I live in Singapore, only 2 hours by plane to Bangkok! ) for the beautiful music, colourful nightlife, great food and most importantly, the people!

  29. Hello Deungdutjai 🙂 I first would like to address how happy I was and am discovered this site. I appreciate all the efforts that you put into translating the lyrics for us, foreigners to understand Thai songs.

    I got interested in Thai drama ever since I was six years. I haven’t stop watching it ever since. Then, when I have internet, it was such a liberty for me to search for more movies, lakorns, and songs. Moreover,I bought an external hard drive just to store the Thai movies that I want to own of my own. I have about 500 Thai songs and at least 20 Thai movies, regardless whether there was English subtitles or not, I still proceed to download the movies anyway.

    It isn’t just Thai entertainment that I adore and love very much. I also love the food especially Thai boat noodles. As a Californian resident, I am blessed to have Thai town in LA where I can turn to for an authentic Thai foods. To sum it all up, I love everything about Thailand to the point that I bought a book to learn the language and I have to speak Thai fluently as I have school and work. If i were to have money where I can spend leisurely, I would make a trip to Thailand once a year. I wouldn’t mind living there either. I love the language, the food, the entertainment productions, everything that Thailand has to offers.

    As an English major, Thailand is one the top countries that I would like to teach English to the kind and beautiful Thai people who has desires to learn English.

    Above all, please keep up the good and hard working work that you have been doing, allowing us to understand Thai songs. 🙂

  30. Story about thai ent. and me is quite simple – it’s story about curiosity and boredoom ^_^.
    Being interested in japanese popculture (anime, movies, j-music), I naturally move to k-pop. When k-pop started to be a little boring for me, I just started to explore other music popcutures (peek at mongolian music – they have pretty neat metal ~_^) and thai-pop MVs on YouTube catch my eyes. One of the first song that get me interested was “I Can Flirt, My Boyfriend’s Dead” by Yim and I was kinda confused what is story about and started to look for english translation of lyrics and found Deungdutjai site ^_^. From that time, thai-pop become regular part of my playlist.

    • If you like other cultures’ pop cultures, I highly recommend Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan’s music industries~ 😀

        • For Kazakh my favorite groups are Kешью (Keshyou), Rin’go, Ayumi (аюми), Али Окапов (Ali Okapov) and ОРДА (Orda), but there are many good artists ^^

          For Uzbek, umm, I don’t think I follow any active artists, but the Youtube channel RizaNovaUZ has a lot~

  31. Hello Deungdutjaint, How did this interested from Thai entertainment They have lot thing that i like to listen to it and i do enjoy listen this musics there are lot that that make me interested from this website i always do enjoys this websites i do listen lot differs singer that i like to listen too. this song dose tell about story and started to look for English translation of lyrics and found Deungdutjai site ^_^. From that time, Thai-pop become regular part of my playlist.

  32. Hi. When I was in secondary school, every time I got back from school, my maid would have lunch ready for me and would be watching a lakorn. I joined her and soon got into lakorns. However, korean dramas soon became popular in my country and the local tv stations no longer broadcasted lakorns. I didn’t really watch lakorns after that, just the occasional Thai movie. Then, I discovered Hormones the Series. There was no looking back since. I really liked a lot of the songs mentioned in most shows I am watching which brought me to this site. Thank you for all the effort.

  33. Sawadee kha
    I first got interested in Thai entertainment and Thailand, when I was searching around on YouTube to try and find a movie or tv show that I could watch, because the movies and tv shows from my country are SO boring! They all have same theme. So, when I was searching around I found จำเลยรัก and watched it twice (without and with english sub). After that I though: “hey, I wonder if Aum Atichart can sing”, then I searched that and found him singing Too Much So Much Very Much with Yaya and Margie, then I found the original version and decided to search for other artists and movies/series, so I did and today it is my favorite music and TV related thing.

    I really appreciate that you take the time to translate the song lyrics, ’cause if you didn’t I would have no idea of what they’re singing, so thank you for the effort

  34. For your this question make me think back that I had already been listening to Thai songs for the past 1 years plus.

    How I really got interested in Thai songs is because of my girlfriend because she is khun thai. And I am a Singaporean. The day I know her and I start to want to know more about her and also her culture and things she like. Is also because of her I learn to speak Thai so can click more well with her. Though we are no longer together now but we are still good friends

    The first Thai songs I listen and is also well known to everyone. The song name Tur Yang which is sang by Potato. After that I start to listen other Thai songs and start to know more and more singers. Some of them are New Jiew, Da Endorphine, Getsunova, SPF, Bird Thongchai and mak mak others singers.

    As I start to listen and wanted to understand what they are singing and this lead me to search for the lyrics meaning. This is where lead me to “http://deungdutjai.com/” where I start to understand the lyrics meaning and also from there I start to learn more Thai words. The things that make me so love Thai songs is because of the meaning of the lyrics which is so meaningful and true. Especially for love song. I believe many people will agree with me. As it always speak out of how we feel.

    Anyway thanks for letting me pen down my thoughts. After writing it make me feel so nostalgic. hahaha…. But it is good memories. I do hope to know more Thai friends and culture and also learn more Thai words.. hehehe 🙂

  35. When I first fall in love with the Thai entertainment is when I first step into Thailand. I went for a short trip to Hatyai and when to their local entertainment centre and listen to their music. Ever since then I’m in search of more Thailand songs from their drama and also patronise Thai disco! I have a whole playlist of thai song that I would listen to everyday and learn to sing along. Am learning simple Thai words so that I could communicate with my Thai friends. Oh yeah. I’m working in a Thai restaurant too! my colleagues would sometimes introduce more songs to me. I got to chance upon lovesick the series when browsing thru YouTube and I fall in love ever since I finish watching series 1 and series 2 in 4 days. hope to win the Friday college tshirt 😀 I also do watch other lakorn like club Friday the series and hormones which are a huge hit in Singapore!! I just love those lakorn because they speak about everyday life in a form of acting them out to let more people know about what is going through teenagers mind 🙂 Very meaningful to me 🙂

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