2 comments on ““ไม่เป็นอะไร (Mai Bpen Arai)” by Pramote Wilepana

  1. Thank you for all the translations. I have really become a fan of Thai music. Only a few words can I really understand(#1 Ruk and Mai Toi ). I enjoyed Tata Young before realizing Christina Agulara was Thai. Now I enjoy Niew & Jiew, Lasso, Buddha Bless, Zaza so many others. With this translation you have added an interest in Pramote Wilepana.

    • Christina Aguilera isnt Thai, and actually neither is Christina/Tina Aguilar, she just sings in Thai ;P but I’m so glad you’re finding more and more Thai artists to listen to! That’s exactly the purpose of my site ^^

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