6 comments on ““ส่งต่อความรัก (Pass the Love Forward)” by ToR+ Saksit

  1. I think there is a mistake here: ให้เพลงพาใจของเราไปพบกับ หัวใจของเค้าซักที
    Hai pleng pah jai kaung rao bpai pob gup hua jai kaung kao suk tee

  2. At 1:56 of the Youtube video it sounds like ให้รักพาใจ (hai rak pah jai). Maybe I am wrong.

  3. I think it should be
    hai rak pah jai kao bpai pop gap jai kaung rao suk tee

    Again, I may be wrong because I do not speak Thai but I love this song.

    • I guess you’re right, he changes it to ruk for one of the later verses, but the original verse is still pleng~

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