14 comments on ““ก่อนจะรักไปกว่านี้ (Gaun Ja Ruk Bpai Gwah Nee)” by Dew Arunpong

  1. This Song explains everything in the movie~ LUV IT!!! This song goes out to ppl who r hurt by there “loved” ones. My god, I fell in love with the movie, the song, and the actors/actress. This movie is one of the best, i suggest those who haven’t watch/list to the movie/song should try it.

  2. Damn the singer have such a sweet and loving voice~ These actors and actress are pure good. Hate the Nang rai though she a whore.

  3. Can’t wait till next episode comes out… ugh! My god! why can’t this song be in youtube? Is this not a music video or what!?!?

  4. The song & movie R both awesome~ Luv the pr’ek & nang ek! I saw her role in khan chai ronnappi can’t stop to think but she is beautiful~ hope she and him get more main roles in the future together again… ^.^

  5. Finally I found the song & mv This is a very cool N touching song. The star 5’s voice is so soft N calm. Love everything 2 this drama.. gonna go 2 check the old version n see if it’s good as the new one…

  6. This so totally tells n explains everything about my relationship… 🙁 just as the pr’ek The singer’s voice is so so good. 😀 Wonder why he change his hair like that… Is he full thai or nah? ~.~

  7. OMG i love this song. i kind of understand that but still need eng sub. thanks sun sun by sending me this website link. waiting to the movie to come out tonight ep10.

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