7 comments on ““แต่ปางก่อน (Dtae Bpahng Gaun)” by Num Sornram

  1. Such a beautiful song. Always reminds me of my mom during the times she watched this lakorn 555+ This OST is from 2005 and the female singer is actually Rapiporn.^^ Thanks for your translations ka~

    • Hmm, I was wondering about that, but in the Youtube description and the site I got the lyrics from, it says Ann Tongprasom haha, so I wondered if Rapiporn wasn’t just her Thai name or something. Guess i’ll just leave it Num :’D But thank you for the date!!

    • What do you think is mistranslated? I am happy to hear second opinions/defend my translations 🙂

      • i was singing along with your lyrics and realized that lyrics didn’t match the lyrics to the song. it’s just minor words. 🙂

        แก้วกานดาฉันรอเธอผู้เดียว –> gaew ganda chan PONG tur poo diew
        เธอเอยแม้เราจากกันแสนไกล -> tur oey mae rao HANG gan saen glai
        รักเธอผู้เดียวนิรันดร์ –> ruk tur ruk DIAO niran
        แม้นตายไม่ยอมพลัดพรากจากกัน –> KHO dtam mi yom plad prak jak gan
        เกิดชาติไหนๆ –> JAAK chat nai nai

        • sorry, i made a mistake above and don’t know how to edit it. lol
          รักเธอผู้เดียวนิรันดร์ –> ruk tur RUK diao niran

          • Ohh the lyrics are different you mean, not the translation~
            I just took the lyrics from Gmember, I didn’t listen to the song or type them myself, sorry ^_^; the minor differences don’t change the translation, at least~ 🙂 But thanks for pointing it out~

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