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  1. “If you make a mistake, they make you a teacher, if you repeat the mistake, you get to be a professor. Like this, you should study for a long time, you might reach headmaster!” <—- I don't exactly get what this means. The more mistakes you make, the further you get in life? Can you explain for me?

    • The way I understand it, theyre going on the whole “if you cant do something, you teach instead” mindset, making fun of teachers as people who couldn’t do anything else in life. Although I guess it could also mean that if you make a mistake, you become an example for everyone else tp learn from. Not sure, but giving 321’s track record, I lean towards the first one

          • Lol, being from the USA I don’t know anything about that. I only know their songs, not how they are as individual people though.

            • It comes through in their music too, though. That’s why I can’t understand why anyone would like such a group unless they can’t understand what they’re saying

              • Well, hmm, I guess my opinion may differ from yours because it’s from a different cultural perspective, but here’s my theory: people (especially young people) seem to like “rebellious” type stuff (generally speaking, of course, and this is based on what I have seen). Like, they think it’s all “edgy” and stuff. Probably because these type of songs say what people wish they could say sometimes. Also, alot of people see it more of an “image” thing. Like, i don’t know about Thailand, but in the USA, alot of singers try to act all “hardcore” and stuff and talk about sex all the time and talk about beating people up and being “dope, fly, whatever” and stuff, and people just act like it’s an image. Like, we think, oh yeah, this singer has such swag and is so cool and stuff, and we kinda want to be like that, too. But, at the same time, we know that’s all fake. It’s kind of like the “badass” version we wish to be, but in reality, we act normal and don’t act like little pricks. Like, we think it’s cool, but we know it’s fake and just a made up image the record company gives them. If that makes any sense. Like, most famous people here (I don’t know about Thailand) act totally different than their stage personas.

                Lol, but in all seriousness, though, do 321 even write their own songs though? I doubt any of them can song write, haha. Except T.J., but his raps are usually half-assed like most of the big famous rappers in the USA are lol. Haha, I just figured some “professional” at Kamikaze wrote for them and everyone else there.

                • I’m actually from the US too, and my friends and I never found insulting other people as being an attractive or edgy quality, nor talking about sex or drugs and trying to seem like a badass. I just can’t comprehend supporting someone whom you know is fake? As for me being genuine is one of the main factors I look for in the music I support. But I guess you’re right, most young people in most countries nowadays have little to no respect for others. It’s probably a lot different than when I was young. Isn’t that why everyone complains that most popular music is crap nowadays? Though, like I said, 3.2.1 really isn’t popular in Thailand, only among the age 11-14 crowd. Most of their fans are foreigners, and when I ask why they like them, they say just because the beat of their songs, but that their songs are always better without knowing the translations hahaha~

                  Though I suppose I can’t say much, as I like listening to Kazakh music without really understanding the language, I’m sure I have a really terrible song or two on my ipod too hahaha

                  TJ does write a lot of the lyrics and music for 3.2.1, so I have to give him that, at least, that he contributes, however terrible his English may be, and isn’t just a pretty face. He also produces them, which is probably another main factor as to why the group exists, as it’s no secret most Kamikaze kids have had their rich parents buy them contracts.

                  • Oh really, you’re from USA, too? Are you Thai-American?

                    “It’s probably a lot different than when I was young. ” <—– Things are different than when I was younger, too, so I know what you mean. I'm a '90's kid haha.

                    Lol, I like Thai music, and I found out about it through the internet haha. I'm literally the only person I know who likes it lol. I like some of the Kamikaze artists, RS artists, and Mono Music, too.

                    I don't know, I just, from what I've seen, think kids like these new singers who talk about sex and stuff. Maybe it's different in different parts of the US? I know in high school, I used to be really into (and still kind of am) into punk bands from the '70s to '90s and they always talked about rebellion, and swore, and talked about doing illegal stuff every now again, but it was always political. Like, they did it to actually create changes in society and stuff. So, I guess, hearing stuff like this is kind of "meh, whatever" to me, and doesn't phase me much lol.

                    You are right, his English raps are shit. "Me too" and "Dirty Party" being prime examples. Isn't he supposed to be fluent in English, though. Like, didn't he gain fluency in school or something? That's what I heard. Lol, I feel another reason why the group does so well is because teen girls always talk about how "hot" Gavin is lol. Also, I think Kamikaze is lying about some of their lyric translations, too. Like, they pretty it up to make it look good for English audiences, so alot of foreigners are being decieved haha. For example, their subs to "White Flag" aren't like yours at all and try to make the song seem less crass.

                    I don't know, personally, I think some of their songs are pretty good or okay at least. Like, all the slow ones tend to be okay usually, with the exception of a lyric or two. I actually thought this song (with the exception of the line I asked you about) was actually about pushing through and working hard to get your goals and succeed and kind of like a "yeah! You can do it!" feel good song. So, I though that was a good message. I don't know, that's just what I took the song to mean. I don't know anything about them personally, but I will say, from what I have seen, the girl, Poppy, does seem to be really nice and smiles all the time and full of good energy.

                    • I’m more “American-Thai” I think hahaha. I moved to the US at middle school and stayed there through university, and still hold my US passport, though I’ve moved back to Asia~ 😛 Best of both worlds I guess haha. I was also a 90s kid as well xD But I always listened to more Asian music than American.

                      But yeah, mainstream US artists focused mainly on singing about sex is the main thing I hear people complain about as far as American music goes. Perhaps 3.2.1 is trying to copy a bit on that to sound American, but it’s not really working out for them in Thailand. But they’re doing pretty well internationally on Youtube, so good for them, I guess. If only they were spreading better messages haha. [Incoming biased statement] Buddha Bless clearly show it’s perfectly possible to spread great messages while still keeping a playful flirt or underlying dirty jokes in their songs haha 😛 But, of course, preteens like the pretty face too.

                      I thought Cha-yo could have been a great song too, but I don’t know why they had to go and trash it up by insulting teachers (who are supposed to be greatly revered in Asia, but I guess the punks forgot who taught them how to read in the first place), or having them run over a woman and baby in a car and laugh about it. They just seem really distasteful and immature, and it absolutely embarrasses me that they’re one of the main Thai groups foreigners equate to Thai music

                      [And I think WordPress has a limit to nested comment levels, but you can still reply on one of the comments if you want if the reply option disappears on this one haha]

              • I’ve never heard of Buddha Bless, but I will for sure check them out. They sound interesting 🙂
                ” it absolutely embarrasses me that they’re one of the main Thai groups foreigners equate to Thai music” <—— Really? This is the group that most foreigners think of when they think of Thai music? LOL. Everyone non-Thai person online who I've ever asked if they knew Thai music always say the same groups: Candy Mafia, Gtwenty, Evo Nine, Gaia, and Vamp, and that's about it. Not many people, from my experience, even know anyone on Kamikaze, and whenever they do, it's always Waii and Four-Mod and no one else haha. It seems to me most foreigners prefer Mono Music groups more (except for Gaia and Vamp, who are on Doadot and RS).

                Speaking of being taught to read, random fact: I taught myself how to read when I was three. I was the only kid in my class that could read when we started elementary school. Lol.

                A Thai person (at least, they said they were) on Youtube told me the other day when I asked in the comments as to why that scene about running over babies was even in the video, they said that it was because it was based on an actual even that happened in Thailand. That some guy was the rich, spoiled son of a businessman (I think they said businessman) and he ran over some people. And, because of who his father was, he didn't face legal punishment, even though a normal person would have faced punishment. And, then, apparently, they asked him if he felt bad about what he did, and he said "no." And that they were parodying that in the music video not only to talk about something topical, but to also show how society is rigged and always tries to let bad people who do bad things, but have the right connections, get ahead in life even though it's unjust and unfair. And something about it being about "overcoming your goals even when everyone is out to screw you over". And that's why he had that car wreck at the end, because karma, and that's what they were trying to convey with the story of the video.

                I have no idea if what that person said is true or not. I was hoping you'd maybe know if that actually happened (the guy running over people and not facing legal punishment)? I don't know.

                • Buddha Bless are a Dancehall reggae group~ I’m half Puerto Rican so the Thai/Caribbean mix can’t get any better, if I do say so myself haha 😉 But not only are they incredibly talented (the members writing lyrics for a lot of other artists on GMM and Sony), are genuinely doing it for the music (they all have second jobs and post download links to their songs and don’t need to sell albums to live), but of all the celebrities I’ve ever met, they’re the absolute nicest and kindest and sweetest ever. So. I’m biased. <3

                  Wow, really?? Where do you meet other music fans? I'd love to meet people who didn't know Kamikaze for once <3 The first thing out of anyone's lips for me when they tell me they love Thai music is always "Do you like Kamikaze???" And then they always look so disappointed when I say no, because they don't listen to anything else. I'd rather everyone listen to Mono Music, at least they put out a variety of stuff and have talented artists. But it seems the only people who know Mono Music are Kpop fans, as, with the label being Korean-owned, Mono Music artists play a lot in Korean music festivals.

                  I've never heard of that news story from the 3.2.1 video, but with all the related comments on the Youtube video being more complaints about the portrayal and the story not being mentioned, perhaps it wasn't a big story. But that's nothing new; all it takes is money to get away with literally anything in Thailand. Corruption is cultural there haha, and it happens every day.

                  • Wow, Buddha Bless sound real cool. And the fact that they have second jobs is cool, also. All of the american music I listen to is all done by independent artists on independent labels, some of them have actual jobs, ad some don’t, but they make just enough off their music to live a normal life. I didn’t even start liking mainstream music until I started listening to Asian pop lol.

                    You’re lucky to have met so many famous people. I only met two famous people in my whole life. One was a guy on a reality TV show and another was an underground rapper I like from the US. His music is dark and dirty, but, knowing what all he’s been through, it’s understandable. He overcame so much and became a better person, so I admired him. He flirted with me and it was great 🙂 THe only other times I met “celebrities” was when I was a kid and it was no big deal to me because I didn’t know who they were lol.

                    I usually meet other Thai music fans on Youtube. All of the Thai music fans I meet were all K-pop fans first. Same goes with me as well. But, now I don’t even listen to K-pop all that much because I like Thai better. I like Mono Music. They have good pop groups, and solo artists, and good rock bands, too. Mono Music is what got me into Thai music. “Cliche” by Candy Mafia was the first song by a Thai group I ever heard. Kamikaze only does so well because of their marketing techniques to be honest. Plus, they are owned by RS. By the way, the record label “Smallroom”, are they owned by RS, too.

                    Corruption happens in the US, too, believe me. It’s getting worse and worse. Not to mention, incompetent people are always given positions of power here. And, on top of that, our education system, at least where I live, is a mess. I have so many messed up stories to tell about the school system I went to.
                    I mean, I’m right with you, that line about teachers was a crappy thing to do, especially considering that their some mainstream pop group that only kids like. It’s not like they have a mature audience or were trying to be political about it or anything.

                    I hate that line of the song like you do, and that’s coming from me, someone who was quite anti-authoritarian back when I was in school. The part of the USA that I come from has such a slack education system. I was in the same school system from kindergarten to 12th grade, and the most incompetent people were put in charge there.

                    That’s why I first asked you what the line meant. I thought it meant the more mistakes you make, the further ahead you get in life. I thought they were trying to discuss how society is rigged in a way so that positions of power are given to those who don’t deserve it, people who don’t care for the people or know how to do their job. I thought it was political/societal commentary. You know, about how society could be improved and needs to be changed for the better. I’m all for that, as I have had many experiences of people in positions of power abusing said power and using it to crush others to get ahead. For example, there’s a lot of news going on in America now about how a lot of the police departments are rigged and how most law enforcement officers are profiling innocent people and shooting whoever they want and tear gassing people’s homes and the police department is corrupt. . And, most politicians in America now don’t care about the good of the people at all. Plus, there are flaws in the education system, too, which I thought they were talking about. But, if they’re just sitting here singing about “ah-ha, school sucks, and teachers suck, we do whatever we want” then yeah, they’re being total tools on the situation.

                    • Haha, when I was living back in Thailand for university, I worked as a writer and translator for this entertainment site, writing in English about concerts, artists, movies, albums, gossip, etc., and I got to interview a lot of artists for that~ Which was both really cool and really bad at the same time, because I’m someone who personality means so much to, so if artists I met were total dicks, it didn’t matter how musically talented they were, I just couldn’t stand listening to them anymore (a handful of groups I started out liking were ruined by that for me haha), and likewise if an artist turned out to be super nice and sweet, I found myself liking their music even if it wasn’t my favorite style. Then when that site closed down, I started Deungdutjai. I’d like to get back into doing interviews here, but it’s hard when I don’t live in Thailand anymore. I could try doing it via E-mail or something I guess, though I have to find a way around the problem of GMM liking to ignore my E-mails first hahaha

                      But cool you got to meet the rapper you liked and he turned out to be a nice guy! 😀 Artists who write from emotion definitely stand head-and-shoulders above those who just sing generic songs that they hope will appeal to the masses.

                      RS is actually notorious for having terrible marketing. They started out the strongest major label in Thailand in the 90s, but have since gone terribly downhill. They have/had some really talented artists, but they get no promotion, while the artists who pay for their contracts get a lot. The whole Kamikaze branch is funded by product sponsorship and rich kids’ parents who want their kids to have recording contracts haha, I wonder if RS even gives them a budget for it at all or if it all has to come from product placement in their MVs. Plus, with successful groups, RS likes to take them at the height of their popularity and split them up to go solo or do other projects. The boss says it’s because he “wants them to be remembered at their best,” but it’s clearly because 2 or 3 members of a group releasing their own solo projects makes 2 or 3 times more revenue than them singing together and releasing one project haha, or because one member did something to upset him and he bans them and dismantles the group. Kamikaze lucked out because they managed to snag the international market via Youtube, and are getting to spread that way~ Smallroom is technically an indie label owned by BMG, which is technically an indie label too, even though it’s owned by Sony, which is a major world-wide company. So I don’t really understand how Sony BMG is considered indie haha. But they’re a pretty open label and let their artist collab with artists from RS and GMM. But RS and GMM would never ever ever be seen working together hahaha.

                      Tis true, though, corruption in varying forms of degrees can always be found everywhere. Yeah, I agree with you about the US education system being in shambles. I think it’s because the government keeps cutting all funding for education, so good teachers can’t afford to keep working as a teacher and are forced to find different jobs with better pay, so schools are stuck with the mediocre or not-so-good teachers who are just desperate for a job. I used to work as a teacher when I was living in the US, and pay was barely livable. Staff had a high turnover rate because pay was so bad, they either left for better opportunities, or really loved teaching and stuck with it while working a second job at night. Now I’m getting paid literally twice as much here in Korea, teachers in general are more respected and harder working, and cost of living is far lower. I hope things get better in the US, I really do, because it really was, is, and still has the potential to be a great nation, or I fear for the future generations 🙁

                      But songs and poetry (at least the good ones and not the media-made ones haha) are full of metaphors and ambiguities and open for interpretation, so I always like to hear others’ points of views and takes on song interpretations or translations~ I never thought about it the way you described, with it being a reference towards the corruption of society. I just kind of took my bias against them, combined with the past crassness of their lyrics and the MV shot of him laughing as he ran over the woman and assumed the worst. Perhaps that is what they meant. And that makes me feel a LOT better haha 😀

                  • Sounds like you’ve lived a really interesting life haha 🙂 I was thinking about learning Thai and moving to Thailand someday, but I’m not sure. I wanna be a nutritionist. How’s that field doing over there?

                    I was thinking of, for practice, once I learn Thai, doing what you do, but in reverse. I was thinking of uploading videos of TV shows, commercials, and funny stuff in English and translating it, so Thai audiences could see it. I think it’d be good practice for me in learning the language.

                    Yeah, I thought it was about the corruption of society because, to me, when I first saw the video, I saw how the boxing fight and the beauty pageant were rigged and the song is kind of about reaching your goals, so I figured it was about achieving your dreams even when other’s wanna see you fall. Like, being able to flourish in a world that is corrupt and is basically set up to make you fail. And, I kinda assumed that the reason he was running over people and laughing was because he was supposed to be the type of person they were talking about, the type of person who tries to screw people over to get ahead unfairly. And, that’s why I though he got in the car wreck in the end and got injured because it was supposed to be him finally getting his dose of karma.

                    But, of course that’s what I would think it was about, haha, being a former punk rocker and growing up on anti-societal political music lol.

                    Interestingly enough, I actually found a little info on this from an interview of theirs online. Our conversation over the lyrical meaning was so interesting that I figured I’d Google it, to see if anyone else had any thoughts on it. And it led me to an interview. MIght just be them talking out their butts, though lol. Take it for what you will.

                    “Student Weekly: Recently, the top group returned to the pop charts with their fun new hit, “Chaiyo (Cheers),” a dance song with sarcastic lyrics about some of the unjust elements of Thai society.”

                    “Student Weekly: Do you think that some of the lyrics in “Cheers” are inappropriate?

                    T.J.: No. We intended to use words that have double meanings to make the song entertaining. Without that, it would have just sounded like some philosophy.

                    The song mentions reaching goals, victory and facing difficulties, so we used the famous song “Maha Roek (Auspicious Time)” in the intro to make listeners feel vigorous.”

                    Source: http://www.student-weekly.com/151214/151214-entertain03.html#.VUWGD5M71JI

                    • Umm, I’m not sure about scientific fields per say or what you even mean by nutritional, but Thais love jumping on fad diets and organic living, eastern medicine, stuff like that, so there’s always supplement shops and diet regimen places, is that what you meant? Or ^^;;

                      And haha, clearly the lyrics aren’t immediately recognizable as being good-messaged if they have to be asked if they’re inappropriate, but at least they explained them for us 😀

                      Though I’m reminded of when WAii was facing a lot of controversy for her song “Yaum Hai Jup Na,” since “jup” means both “to catch” but also “to grab” and has a very strong sexual connotation to it, and she was all “Ohh, no, it just means to catch, that’s all, I’m innocent~” even though that clearly wasn’t the case haha

  2. Nutritionist is kinda like a person in the medical field who prescribes diet plans to patients to get them healthy again, or to help them get to a desired weight.

    I never heard that Waii song, but I’m guessing everyone was upset because it was sexual?

    • I’m sure there’s a lot of that there, though I’ve never had any personal experience with it~

      And yeah haha, the first connotation of the word is a to touch or grab, so the song comes off blatantly as sexual, so everyone was just like, yeahhh, no, pretty sure you’re just a slut haha

      • Didn’t she say she was dating a k-pop star once and his company was like “it’s not true” lololol?

        • She didn’t, she said that they were friends and that she had his phone number because they had trained together (she was training in Korea for a while) and that they had plans to meet up while he was in Thailand for something, but some American Kpop site mistranslated it and started spreading a rumor that WAii was trying to claim she was dating the guy, which caused a vicious backlash from psycho Kpop fans who didn’t know any better and believed whatever they read on the internet and so the Korean company (I forgot which label it was) had to forbid them from meeting while he was in Thailand, and WAii had to go on a press conference and say she deleted his number from her phone. Really stupid stuff. One of the main reasons I can’t get into Kpop is because a good chunk of the fanbase are rabid and bonkers haha.

          • Aw, poor girl. She didn’t deserve that. Yeah, you are right about Kpop fans. Most of them are so arrogant and hard to deal with. Heck, Kpop fans even bash other Kpop groups. And, they body shame constantly, too. Not to mention they fetishize. As a Kpop fan, I have to deal with those comments all the time on Youtube. *eye roll* I remember time, I asked the names of the members of a new Kpop girl group, and this one girl replied saying how tired she was that people like me were saying they all looked the same (which I never said) and she was all like “I’m tired of you fans of (another kpop girl group) coming on here and talking crap about (the group that we were talking about) just because you’re mad they debuted while your group is on hiatus”. I never said I was a fan of that other group, she just assumed. Plus, alot of Kpop fans are coming on Thai videos these days calling all Thai idols “fat and ugly”. *sigh*

            Almost every fan of Thai music I talked to is really nice. They explain stuff to me, and they even sometimes thank me for taking an interest in Thai music. They’re way better people to be around then Kpop fans. That being said, though, I have met many nice Kpop fans, too.

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