6 comments on ““คึกคัก น่ารักอ่ะ (Keuk Kuk Naruk A)” by Samosorn Chimi

  1. I actually like this Samosorn Chimi song.What does “Samosorn Chimi” even translate to in English, anyway? Also, is one of these girls the former third member of blueberry?

    • And btw what happened to your translation to that song of theirs called “Take Youre Cuteness Away”?

      • All covers are alwaya indexed under the original artists~ So it hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s just indexed under (the better) Dan-Beam haha 😛

    • Yeah it should be the whole Blueberry group, as they were the namesake of the group (I assume); The name means “The Right? Club,” since “Chimi (Right?)” was Blueberry’s big hit when the group first formed. I assume. That’s the only reason I could think of as to where they’d get such an awkward name haha

      • You know, I thought it did mean “The Right Club” but I wasn’t sure haha. When people say Chimi, does it always mean in a questioning way (Right?)? Or does it have the same meaning as “Right” does in English? For example, when you say something is correct: That is right/ That is chimi. Maybe The Right Club is supposed to mean like “This is the right club to be in, this is the cool club.” I dunno. Haha. I never heard of Dan-Beam, but I will check them out.

        • No, it’s always a question. Actually, it’s a cutsie-cutsie infantile baby talk way of asking “Right?” That only those girls who perpetually act like they’re 6 years old use haha. And Dan-Beam were the remnants of D2B after the third member died and before they went solo :3

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