7 comments on ““หญิงลั้ลลา (Ying Lulla)” by Yinglee Sijumpol

  1. Very happy to see translations for this song, can you do more from the same album? I love the whole! Thanx!

      • Oh I understand. Anyway what about translations to all titles? I’m quite puzzled with some of them… like Puchai Lai Barn and Loy Hug, etc. So difficult.

          • So Yinglee or Isan people are actually Lao people living in Thailand? Her family name looks common Thai though. Are her lyrics far too difficult for “standard” Thai people to understand?

            • Northeastern Thailand was part of the kingdom of Laos before Siam showed up and carved out a country for themselves haha. They speak Lao language there, written in Thai script, called Isan dialect. It’s about 60% the same as central dialect Thai, so we can get by understanding the general meaning, but word for word translation is hard if you have no exposure to that region, like me

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