7 comments on ““Best Thing” by Illslick

  1. ohh, didn’t think he would ever get his songs translated by you. lol
    not that is an offense or anything.
    jus that… he’s not… a debuted artist signed to a company or something… i’ll just stop it with that.
    anwyays, i heard of him because of my bros who stumbled upon him and like his music and all that.
    relaly though he was just a youtube singer you know and had some good talent.
    but anyways, i’m liking this song and it’s real nice depisite the lyrics part making it somewhat sad.
    anwyays, thanks!

    • I’ve translated lots of songs by Illslick and other indy groups~
      I actually get a lot of requests for Illslick haha.
      I’m not particularly fond of him, as I could care less about listening to songs about how much pot he smokes, how drunk he gets, how much better he is than people who diss him, and how much he loves blonde girls, but he does have a handful of good music. I think I’ll stick to Gancore Club for my hiphop fix 😛

  2. Reblogged this on Simply Here and commented:
    sharing this guy~
    spreading the love.
    never really took notice.
    just hear his songs being played through out the house because of my bros.
    but i think i can get into the guy~ 😀

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