2 comments on ““โป๊ (Bpoh)” by Baituey

  1. I don’t really know what this is about, but I have a guess kinda sorta…maybe:

    basically, it’s sorta about how people call her indecent cuz of how she dresses. And those same people say, if she didn’t look like that she wouldn’t dress that way. But she says, “Just watch me. Confident people wear what they damn well please.” So, I think she says she does what she wants because she is confident. And because people equate skinnyness to beauty, instead of saying “my heart is beautiful”, it’s “my heart is skinny.” Like, she’s pretty on the inside, and that the two other girls in the MV who are jealous are “ugly on the inside”, or something.

    That being said, yeah, she’s also talking about how nice and good her body is, too. So, I think she’s still saying being pretty on the outside is important too, just like being pretty on the inside. Maybe…

    Is that right?

    • It’s because people call her a slut because she wears really revealing clothes (Thailand is a pretty reserved country), and she’s saying that she’s hot so what’s wrong with her wearing it, skinny people should show off what they have and that she wouldn’t dress like that if she was fat, and that she’s embracing the scandalous attention because it’s made her famous and made her stand out. This song is basically just a big middle finger to her haters. Which, I guess, gotta give her props for at least not trying to deny she’s slutty haha, and I guess the jealous girls represent how people who talk bad about her must be jealous of her good looks and confidence to wear “one inch of clothing”

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