2 comments on ““จุงเบย จุงเบย (Joong Boey Joong Boey)” by Blueberry

  1. What an excellent page, just found this right now looking for info about Blueberry! I have understood from before that the language in this video is a “quick” form of Thai used on the Internet and on moblile phones, because the words are easier to write like this. The words are not correct Thai. Can you confirm please? Thanks.

    • It is baby talk slang, people use it to sound cutsie and innocent, but to me it’s annoyingly infantile and juvenile. It’s the same as speaking like “dat’s wight, I wuv woo my widdle baby” in English. People use it in both written and spoken Thai, it’s nothing to do with ease of writing, the aep-baew (innocent child-like) style is just popular to some.

      But thank you for your lovely comment! I’m glad you find my site useful~~ ^^

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