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  2. Thanks for the song 🙂

    At the end of the song the word “เขิน” is written (ekrn) *request edit*

    Also, It says “เพราะฉันเขินเลยกลัวที่จะพูดไป”

    but is sounds like he says “เพราะฉันเขิน *ถึง* กลัวที่จะพูดไป”

    I’m not sure though, I just thought I would point it out.

    Thanks again for the song, this website is one of my favorites.

    • Lolol my typos~ I should really start using an automatic transliterator instead of typing it out myself everytime. Fixed~

      And actually the Thai line you’re mentioning should be ทั้งเขินทั้งกลัว 🙂 Doesn’t change the translation at all, but also fixed.

  3. และฉันก็ขอเป็นคนนั้นที่ดูแลหัวใจ

    Sounds like it might actually be VV

    **และฉัน *จะ* ขอเป็นคนนั้นที่ดูแลหัวใจ

    • Such small differences in particles don’t change the translation at all and would be okay to use interchangeably, but I’ll update the Thai lyrics.

  4. Hello, i like so much your translation and i”d like to translate portuguese this song for my youtube channel, can i use your lyrics?? I will put credits in the video

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