2 comments on ““ทำใจไม่ได้ (I Can’t)” by Knom Jean

  1. although i know knomjean has a nice voice, i dislike a lot of her songs because they always have sad endings. lol

    but my sister watched it and liked it and told me about it, and then told me the ending, and then i’m like… okay, fine, i’ll check it out.

    and so yeah, good music video i like it, and yeah the song itself is sad still. lol

    i was wondering if i could make a request on the translations for the dialogue while knomjean and the girl are in the car? i don’t know some of the words spoken, but the music itself was a bit loud so my sister wasn’t able to hear it either. ^^”

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    i usually don’t listen to Knomjean’s songs only because they are always sad to me, and have like a sad ending to them and the music video too. lol
    but my sister suggested for me to go listen and watch it and i did.
    the song is sad, yes, but the music video, to me, for once had a good ending that i like. lol
    and Knomjean has grown in a fine young lady. her teeth are all perfect thanks to braces, and her face has grown in as well. lol
    but anyways~ the song is good, she always had a wonderful voice, and i’m happy to say that she has improve strongly in vocal power.
    i hope her career in the show biz continues on for many years.

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