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    ohhh yeah!! translated lyrics are good for someone like me who isn’t fluent. lol and at least i know the japanese~ just need the korean one… but a very good song. <3

  2. Korean lyrics translation

    너에게 따를 갈게
    Neoege ttareul galke
    I’m going to follow you
    언제나 어디서 나 내가 너 지켜 줄게
    Eonjena eodiseo na naega neo jikyeo julke
    For ever, anywhere I, I’ll protect you,
    밤 하늘에 별 빛을 돼요
    Bam haneure byeol bich-eul dwaeyo
    To the night sky, the stars can be the light
    어둠의 밝혀 줄게
    eodumui balkyeo julke
    That will enlighten the darkness,
    숨쉬는 순간 마다
    Sumswineun sungan mada
    Every moment I breathe
    오직 너만을 생각 할게
    Ojik neomaneul saeng-gak halke
    Only you, I’ll think of

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