5 comments on ““หยุดพูดให้รู้สึกดี (Yoot Poot Hai Roo Seuk Dee)” by Faii Am Fine

  1. Hi Tahmnong, the first part “อย่าตบหัว แล้วเอามือมาลูบหลัง” has a different meaning than the translation. It is from a Thai proverb which means after someone has done a great and terrible insult to you and then he comes back to pacify you. Literally translated, it is hit the head and then stroke the back. The head is the most sacred part of the body which Thais believe the spirit resides. Thus, it is a really mean and terrible thing to hit another person’s head. A slap would be ตบหน้า instead of ตบหัว. 🙂

    – yeows 😉

    • This is true, but I don’t think the meaning is different. Idioms are impossible to translate without a lengthy explanation, as you provided, so to translate it literally would sound awkward in English, so I preferred to translate it in a way and phrase that English speakers use and would understand 🙂 But thanks for looking out!
      Nice to see you on here as well! ^_^ I remember you!

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