10 comments on ““อยากหยุดเวลา (Yahk Yoot Welah)” by Palmy

  1. Now it is easier for me to play ukulele for this song..coz i found the chord but the lyric is in thai writing…but now i can compare the symbol/thai writing with the pronounciation that u wrote below the lyrics…at least! I dont understand thai…huhu..thanks again!

  2. This is Great!!! thanks for this Admin. Now I can sing this because o the lyrics ^_^ haha! wish me luck for not breaking anything around me because of my voice, Lol

    And please, please post too the lyrics of Pee Mak Themesong (Let Me Have Your Hands)
    I really want it. I’ve been searching for it everywhere but I can’t find it. 🙁 Btw,

    Chan Ra Khun Mario Maurer!!!

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