9 comments on ““แสงและเงา (Saeng Lae Ngao)” by Gam the Star

  1. There is a typo error

    Tao nee gor sook jai gern por
    Just that makes me more than happy enough

  2. You should watch the video.
    The singer sang เท่า (Tao) not แค่(Kae).
    Video lyrics also put เท่า (Tao). I think you should revise your lyrics.
    Don’t simply translate the lyrics only.

    Please verify.

    • I think it depends on what version you’re listening to~ The original one (that doesn’t seem to have an official video and I’m not allowed to post unofficial streams) says kae where as the new ones say tao 🙂 i don’t write the lyrics, I just get them from Grammy and translate haha. either way, it doesn’t change the translationand isn’t a significant enough difference to merit making new separate posts for Matang and Gam’s pop versions~ I can add it in parenthesis though

  3. Well… Thanks for the clarification.
    But I still think this is the link of grammy’s official video.


    And I love this drama series very much so do this song. And I like your website guide on lyrics, I love viewing your website for supporting most of the songs. Do upload your musics and lyrics, I am most happy to use your guide in all the musics I listen to! Thanks!

    • That video is Matang’s pop cover version from the 2016 remake. The original lakorn aired in 1999 and was remade again in 2009

  4. I can’t find the original video of 1999.

    And I don’t know what’s happening in 1999, cause its already past a decade (555). Thanks for sharing anyway. I will still support viewing your website lyrics on singing. Do continue to upload more music lyrics. Waiting for more to discover from you. Thanks.

    • Yeah, that’s what I meant by “There’s no official video” and why there’s no embedded video in this translation 🙂
      But glad you are enjoying my site~

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