2 comments on ““ดาวนำทาง (Dao Num Tahng)” by Bee Kanakam

  1. Tahmnong is number ONE Thai lyric ambassador yeah!

    Oh dear Tahmnong wooow… thank you so much!
    This song make’s me so happy, and now with the lyric’s included
    I also have a better understanding about what she say’s.
    I’ve noticed also that you changed (Dao Tum Tang – Apiradee Kanakum ) into
    “Dao Num Tahng – Bee Kanakam”
    S I guess ‘Bee’ is nickname or something?

    Anyhow you made me very happy, now I hope I can find a better video clip of this song
    coz the one I provided is a bit dull to watch, he he.

    Kind regards,


    • Awwwe, you’re so sweet, thank you for your comment!! ^_^

      For the title, I think it might be just a mistake in romanizing, since the Thai writing clearly says “Dao num tahng,” and “tum tahng” isn’t a word that I know of haha

      And yes, Kanakam Apiradee is the singer’s real full name, and Bee is her nickname, which all Thais have ^^

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