6 comments on ““ฉันกำลังจะตาย (Chun Gumlung Ja Dtai)” by Zeal

  1. Probably the only T-Band releasing quality…
    Quality vocals, quality acoustics, quality song writing :p

    I think the Thais are the only ones that are honest when it comes to love songs :p everyone else is living in a fairy tale ^^

    • Agreed~ Zeal is my favorite currently-active Thai rock band. :3 I love their lyrics, like 90% of their songs are bitter, angry, and passive aggressive, which I much prefer to the whiny, emo, sappy, self-pitying omg-you-left-me-and-I’m-sad songs :3 hahaha
      And agreed, love doesn’t always need to be sugarcoated, just tell it like it is xD

    • “Pom” is the formal way for a man to refer to himself,
      “Chun” is formal for females, but more intimate for men to use, so you’ll hear “chun” used more in songs, especially love songs, both happy and sad, since they’re supposed to be intimate and talking to someone you were at least once close to and probably not speaking super formally with

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