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  1. the lesson is do not driving if you feel asleep(take a rest),get an antibody as soon as posibble after the tragedy(at least the next day),love and loyal to our god,youself,family,and everyone in every second that who know you because we don’t know our death.”LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL”.i felt pity to you P’big.rest in peace at heaven.i always crying when I looking all of d2b music video.i will be your fan today and forever.

  2. omg….. i need pBig got into an accident, but i thought it was the accident that left him in a coma. i think i just misheard my mom and all that. this still bring tears to my eyes, and it’s just so sad that pBig didn’t have that long of a music career…. i miss him a lot. but i’m glad that pDan and pBeam continued and their friendship became genuine and still remember and did a lot of things for pBig. i’m so glad i clicked on this. and learn of their history and what not. sadly i didn’t follow them only because i didn’t have access, but that doesn’t mean i couldn’t learn to love them later on. <3 i will definitely say that D2B did pave way for a lot of the new groups nowadays. thank you so much for this!!

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    although they weren’t my first thai artist when growing up, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t just as love. a group like this… a great friendship like this… i wish more existed… but… life is life and forever D2B lives. r.i.p pBig. <3 and good luck forever pBeam and pDan always~ <3

  4. D2B NEVER ENDING! 🙂 in Malaysia r.i.p p’Big is so popular during Thailand drama .. the title is freshie high school.i was 11 years old on that time[2006] now im 18 years old,i think it is a good drama that I’ve seen .. so naughty ..full of endorphin hormone .. i have a lot of memory that year with my friend .. omggggggg! .. all of sudden i crying like a baby (swipe nose with tissue)but … yeah .. i realized that we cannot go back to the old days and prays r.i.p p’Big to be zombie .. right?

    • you are right..! im d2b fan too .. from Malaysia .. i felt pity to r.i.p p’Big .. i’ll be pray for you big 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. shhhhhhhhhhh .. im praying 🙂

  5. i hope that r.i.p big parent’s will in good condition right now .. 🙂 and always happy .. 🙂 GOD BLESS YOU .. AMEN .. 🙂

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