11 comments on “Artist Spotlight: Buddha Bless

  1. To be honest, you made me know this band, and now I really like them, they are not my favorite style, but now I know some new and good music to me >.<

  2. i love budha bless,, they song is awesome ka,, im from indonesia :), and i thanks to you who always translate all song from thailand language to be english language ka 🙂

  3. haha it’s so good to find information on them!! and even know more about them. i forgot what song got me into them, but it was back when i wasn’t aware of sites that had translations. lol so i just… clicked around. lol but thanks to this, i can have better access!! and it’s true that although i’m not really into their style of music, i can tell right off though that they are fun, energetic, and the song is just… lively. lucky you for meeting them and meeting other Thai celebrities. i’m really envious. lol i wish to meet one in the future!! thanks~ =]

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    Thai reggae!! Buddha Bless is an awesome trio and although they aren’t my style of music to listen to all the time, but hey… they have very meaningful lyrics that gets good messages across to everyone~ =]

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