12 comments on “Happy New Year 2013!

  1. LOL “Scandals” xD
    Nice to know the search bar is up in the Artist Category thing 😛
    Theme is a bit confusing, but I’ll manage for now!
    I have 2 songs I want you to translate, or maybe one, since one is from RSiam and those artist are mainly look-tung (I know, I usually request a song each month, awks :O)
    I also hope you and your boyfriend get married soon! 😀
    From your biggest fan, Andy! 😀

    • Hahaha I think I put the search bar underneath the categories way back before I had so many and just forgot to move it haha xD; Hopefully now it’ll be easier for everyone to notice 😀
      I think new layouts are always a bit confusing for people at first, since we’re so used to seeing/using a site one way for a long time, but then we eventually adjust 😛 What do you find confusing about it? I’m still tweaking things around trying to find out what fits best. I know the comment button being at the top of the post instead of the bottom (and disappearing altogether when I pin a topic) is probably throwing some people off. But I like this layout better because it’s a little more customizable in terms of background, header banner, and colors, so it can look a little more unique and less like a default free theme that looks like I’m too lazy to do any design work hahaha xD;

      Requests will open again soon!

      And awwwwwe hahaha I have no idea when marriage will happen, maybe soon maybe not, it’s up to my boyfriend LOL

      Happy new year to you! <3 Thank you for all your nice and amusing comments hahaha I always do enjoy hearing from you! 😛

  2. Almost thought I came to the wrong place, but thankfully it is my favorite place. I am quite late, but Happy New Year to you! I am definitely excited and looking forward to what you will be having for us in 2013.
    Catching up on some gossips and receiving reviews on CDs will beneficially be my cup of tea 😉
    Sorry to hear/know that your hard working computer had RIP. In the same time, thank you to you for setting aside your busy life and update us with wonderful music and lyrics. You are forever grateful. Hope to hear more about all these new exciting addition to deungdutjai. Much love & support 😉

    • Hahaha, I figured with the new year here now, it’s time for a new look and possibly a new direction~ 😀 Fingers crossed I’ll have the time to do everything I want to! haha, I’ll try my best!

      Thank you for your kind words of support and all your comments, I always do enjoy them~ ^_^ Hope you have a good year in 2013!

  3. Hello! It’s my second time commenting in here (the first one is on request page). Nice to meet you, how should I call you?

    Happy new year! (It’s already 5 though…)
    As I just came to like some of Thai songs the last few weeks, I’m pretty much a newbie and barely know a thing about Thai music industry. So yeah, a new section focusing on Thai music news will be very nice I think. And personally I want to ask you to write a post about your favorite artist… or maybe songs worth recommended. Not to be judgmental but maybe to introduce Thai music, besides to simplify things for people who are new in these things like me. And maybe some profile pages of artists worth to be fancied B) …Well it’s just ideas, though.

    Anyway, seems like I’ll browsing this blog more. I just really new in these things. XD
    Oh and congratulations on your new domain! Have a nice day. 😀

    • Ooooo like an artist spotlight with bios and descriptions! I like that idea!! Thanks! 😀
      And thank you for your comments! I’ll look forward to seeing you around more! ^_^

  4. This is awesome, I love this nre image, and also, I’m so happy cause you are growing… thank to you I can made my onw work, but like I said, everything is thanks to you, so If you get all of this, I’m so 5ppy…let’s star a great year!!!

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