11 comments on “Brief Hiatus

  1. The only thing I ask is that (especially those of you with multiple free-standing requests), please don’t come back every day and post 10 more requests each day of my vacation TT-TT;; hahaha.

    ^^ Amen

    Bring me a Takkatan album back 😛 xD

  2. Have a great vacation cause you deserve it!!! And if you have space I couls travel in your bagg… >.< don't worry!!! we'll wait, really thank you for your job and enjoy this trip!!!

  3. Definitely envy you! Have a wonderful and amazing time for us. While you’re enjoying the beautiful beach and city, I’ll be going back and listen to some good music in here. Have fun while it last. I can’t wait until it’s my turn to go…someday; Lol. <3 Much support!

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