4 comments on ““หนึ่งคำถามสองคำตอบ (Neung Kum Tahm Saung Kum Dtaup)” by Chin Chinawut

    • Duckbar MV storylines are always confusing and make no sense haha, it’s no wonder not many artists stay on their label for very long. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on in these MVs haha

  1. hai.. anyway it’s great having found your blog. i love this song and i dont know what it means as im not thai. so i had this song in my playlist for few months and had always humming and just having a wild guess of the pronunciation… at one time, i even copy the thai lyric to google translate just to know the meaning of the song… and of course the translation is a bit shitty in google… and well yours translation definitely provides me better judgement of the song. keep it up…

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