3 comments on ““พูดแล้วอยากจะร้องไห้ (Poot Laeo Yahk Ja Raung Hai)” by Dr. Fuu

  1. Definitely one of my many favorites from Dr. Fuu. I don’t know if any one out there thinks like me, but the vocal singers remind me so much of Louis Scott. It must be the long hair; Lol. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for your translation!

    But I found one some mistake from you translation too.

    Kon tung kon reu hen pen mah dtua neung tee ruk tur
    Everyone sees me as a dog who loves you)

    In phrase “คนทั้งคน (Kon tung kon reu)” didn’t mean “everyone” But it should take placed by “I’m still standing right here”. With this. It will make this sentence closer to its real meaning.

    Anyway. Thankyou 🙂

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