6 comments on ““อ๊ะ อาว (A Ao)” by D2B

  1. D2B all the way! Boy, listening to this bring back so much good memories of the crazy D2B fangirl days; Hehehe. Thank you! 😉

  2. Throwback!!! (; I like Dan’s dimples, hahaha, I gotta watch that movie he is in…. I wish they could sing together again, but its not the same without P’Big :'(.

    • Dan has done sooo many movies lately, I’m so behind! I have so many to get in Thailand, that’s what I get for being a Beam girl hahaha.
      And yeahh, it wouldn’t be the same without P’Big 🙁 But at least now that Beam is on Sony label with Dan now they’re having a lotttt more projects together again, and Dan even hinted in an interview recently that they’re going to “be singing together again soon,” I hope he’s talking about a new Dan-Beam album and not just the D2B reunion concert~~~~ <3 *fingers crosssedddddd*

      • <3 True, true. Lets hope! Oooooo, I hope you have fun in Thailand ! That sounds awesome. My family and I are planning on going next year or so, for the first time!

        • Oooo awesome! Awe, that’s so nice, my family never wants to go anywhere, I always have to take vacations by myself ahaha~ You’ll have fun for sure! 😀 Maybe we’ll be there at the same time!

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