5 comments on ““Honey, I Hate You” by XIS

  1. O.o seems like Kamikaze don’t have much creativity these days for their lirycs… almost all look like they needed to get them out quickly, thank you so much I really want to know what this song as saying >.<

    • Kamikaze is all spoiled rich kids whose parents bought them recording contracts. xD
      Looks like they’ve had all the girl groups singing about how they like annoying their boyfriends by flirting with other guys, so now they have a guy group sing from the other point of view of getting teased like that ahaha. Is that how teenagers act nowadays?? Eeesh ahaha.

  2. At the first part it is written “พอฉันเริ่มคิด ก็ไม่ให้คิด บอกว่ามันน่ารังเกียจ Por chun rerm kit gor mai hai kit” But the romanized lyrics doesn’t fit the song… there is someting else after “kit” right?
    By the way, thanks for all the translations, you are awesome *-*

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