7 comments on ““กราบดิน (Grahp Din)” by CLASH

  1. This is so sad, this song make want to cry, is so beutiful, but so sad, thank you Tahmnong, also i’mreading other songs of Clash and I really like them, thank you a lot

    • Public streaming of fansubs is illegal and GMM will submit a copyright claim against it and have it removed, so it’s unlikely you’d find any on Youtube or Daily Motion or anything like that. You could make one yourself~

      • This song is perfect for me. .is there anyway you could make a video with the English subtitles for me..please..?

        • Sorry, I don’t have the means to subtitle anymore, and my subbing days are over when the Youtube purge started anyway, hence why I created this site. The original music video for this song has also been deleted from Youtube, so I wouldn’t know where to get it anyway. But there are many free subbing programs like Aegisub that are easy to use if you have a copy of the VCD or music video and want to use my translations to sub it for your own personal use~ 🙂

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