11 comments on “Announcements; 1,000 Translations!

  1. Really I congratulate you
    I really admire your work and am a big fan of your site!.

    I thank you because you deserve!

    Seriously, THANK YOU!!!!!!
    No I would do without you!!!!!!}

    (sorry for my bad English)


  2. I’m glad GMM realized that the way we listen to their music matters. 🙂 Also congratulations to you Tahmnong!!!! Thank you so much for helping us and putting lyrics in songs on this site. It is super/definitely convenient and there is no other place I would go to. Again congrats to your hard work for 1,000 translations, and for the many more to come!

  3. Congratulations! You have a great website and it really helps so manvy people!

    I am so glad Gmemeber decided to decided to cancel their decision! YouTube is a really good way to find Thai music, as well as other other good music and I really love finding new music (and old)!

  4. Great to know about GMM, maybe they ani’t change all what they want to do, but at leats is something…

    About 1000. This is great, congratulatiosn, and we are who have to thank you for all your job and everything that you do… really thank you for get me close of thai music, about FB page that is a great idea, hope you get sometime to start that project… thank you again for all that you do… so 5ppy for find this place and meet somebody like you…. >.<

  5. Congrats Tahmnong. based on the number of views and song requests that neverends, your hard work really paid off! keep up the good job!
    โชคดี 😀

  6. Tahmnong— congratulations -you are the best !!!
    thank you for all your work- thank you for TAI ORATHAI translations

  7. Omg! Already?! Time sure had fly by fast. Although I had been not active as I used to be and had been MIA for awhile. I want to thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication that you had put into each individual songs and this blog of yours. Especially with a busy life and schedule it is not easy to juggle with; but you; you always make sure share great musics with us and answers fans request. In which, I greatly appreciate your hard work and dedication. I am glad to see this blog growing with enjoyment and a bigger fan base.

    With all these new exciting ideas and project, I am definitely looking forward for it and is anxious to support it all the way. Last but not least, congratulation and once again, thank you. Much love and support 🙂

  8. thank you so much for your translation and to allow us to understand those beautiful songs…. thanks to share your culture ….so hard to find a good translation so please never stop what you’ve started …..great job and make me so happy

  9. It’s very nice of you to take the time to translate this song.
    Thank you so much. I will continue your work. 😀

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