4 comments on ““เขย่า (Shake It Ah!!)” by 3.2.1

  1. The heck is this song even about, besides random nothingness? Haha!
    What does the line “In the water, there’s fish, in the fields, there’s rice” have to do with the song?
    or “Be it if you’re cruel or kind, don’t act like the world is hot, The sun works too hard, until the moon pops up.” Those lines just seem kind of out of place to me.

    Is it something that would make more sense to Thai listeners, or…?

    • Doesn’t make sense to me haha. Just your average party hard song. This song was absolute garbage in both substance and sound quality; When it came out, I assumed they’d go the same way as most of Kamikaze’s artists and disappear after a single or two, I was floored when they suddenly got big (for Kamikaze standards)

    • I guess it means that like there’s fish in the water and rice in the fields, their songs are always going to have a beat or something along that line, like it’s a natural pair

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