8 comments on “GMM Grammy Rebellion

  1. Yeah they shouldnt play their music on the radio, and true music, and channel v thailand should also boycott the label.

    That way GMM will go down and the artists can be signed by the other dozen record labels in Thailand.


  2. I am sooo rebelling against this, don’t the company know that by doing this, artists from their company will lose fame and fans?! I’m sooo mad right now, I can’t even describe my feelings. Shit.

    Rebel!! Rebel!!!!

  3. I’m sorry for the artists and stuff but I want GMM Grammy down until they stop this madness! I want the music videos on Youtube!!! Rebelling right now!!!!!!! (I still Love you though the singers)

  4. I am sadden and shock to see this coming. I too do hope that things will change around if they give a chance to hear out us fans. Just thinking of not being able to source these wonderful music Youtube is really sadden. Especially the fact that the people who hard shared really good old music that now a days is really hard to get a hold of will make it even more difficult to source those music. Sigh, I am so disappointed and in just hope that they hear us out. Thank you so much for giving us a heads up on this. If I didn’t drop by I would of been clueless. Again, thank you!

  5. Can’t believe this… today, want it or not, if you are not in youtube, there is not chance to have any succes… in my case, I think is good that the fans make this, cause is the only way that they will know that we are not agree with them in this!!

    • That is a terrible idea. You are right, as an American, English speaker, I cannot navigate any Thai websites. The only way I can reasonably find new Thai music to listen to is through YouTube or by searching google for English websites. If Grammy setup their website to be in Thai AND in English I wouldn’t hate the idea so much, but as it currently is only in Thai they are closing the market from the rest of the world. More than just America, which is the most powerful free-market economy in the world, but to most of the rest of the world that speaks English. Hardly any of the rest of the world speaks Thai. This is a terrible management tactic, Grammy!!

      I don’t think they are being greedy, since they do deserve to make money on the music they have produced. They are just being dumb since they will end up losing more money by not allowing us to see hear the music on YouTube. I personally have bought a few Thai CDs that I would never have done of I hadn’t been able to hear the music on YouTube first. If I had to go through the pain of navigating a thai website to hear them, I probably wouldn’t have found the music I liked, therefore I would have never bought the CDs.

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