6 comments on ““รักพาตัว (Kidnap)” by KAT PAT

  1. Wow, this girls was like more of a year without have anything, also a lot of people thought that they was off of music, and they came back with this son? O_O at least they could make two verses… I don’t really like them, but they could make so much better!!!thank yuo Tahmnong

    • Seriously haha, it’s a little catchy, but way too repetitive, and in the teaser for the MV they look very stiff and have very blank facial expressions. Definitely not one of my favorite groups.
      Also, what’s their story? Their debut single made them seem like lesbians haha , are they?

      • Well They are siters… so maybe is just fanservice, so popular with the fans, not to me… but it is!!! 55555

          • They’re sisters?!?! I had no idea ahaha… That makes it a little weird then o_O Though I guess Golf-Mike kinda did the same thing… To each their own I guess ahah

            • Also yeas, this make it very weird, but like I see this this doesn’t work either, they are so, so random… just like AB Queen, the only duet that like form Kamikaze could be Neko Jump, even Four-Mod are cute and fun at least…

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