7 comments on ““ยิ่งรู้จัก ยิ่งรักเธอ (Ying Roo Juk Ying Ruk Tur)” by Da Endorphine

  1. เธอรู้วิธีดูแลคนที่ห่วงใย =You know how to take care of “someone you care about”
    not “someone who is worried”

    Am I wrong?

    • There’s no pronoun saying who’s the one who is doing the worrying/caring, so it could go either way. Since the song is about the singer’s feelings for someone, I assumed it was talking about her, but your interpretation is valid as well~

      • Thanks! I always have a problem understanding “WHO is doing”. Well, since even native speakers of Thai also sometimes have the same problem, I guess I should not be bothered.

        • Hahaha, it’s even worse in songs, since grammar just goes out the window and sometimes they’re purposely ambiguous 😛

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