10 comments on ““คนงมงาย (Kon Ngom Ngai)” by BlackJack

  1. awesomeness thanks for this!!
    i was asking my sister what Ngom Ngai meant, but she couldn’t exactly explained it to me, but Foolish came to my head first, but Naive works better. i really like this song from him though! thanks again~ =]

    • Welcome!! 😀
      Yeahh, ngom ngai is hard to word since it’s different from “ngoh” and doesn’t mean like just “stupid.” I was bouncing back and forth between “naive” and “foolish” for a while before I finally decided on naive haha~
      I like the song too! :3

      • what does “ngoh” mean? and that’s the one thing i dislike about the Thai/Lao language, is the different meanings that the word gives out, especially if spelled the same, but pronounced different, if you’re like me and cannot read the script, so yeah, thanks for that. =]

        • “Ngoh” (โง่) is just straight up, no excuse, dumb as a doornail or sack of rocks stupid, while “ngom ngai” is more… stupid with an excuse, like because you haven’t experienced something enough, or are in denial, etc. xD So slightly different, like the difference between “stupid” and “naive” in English~

          But yeahh, it’s hard to romanize Thai sometimes, especially when it’s not easy to include tonemarks, at least on an American keyboard. You should learn to read Thai! 😛 I need to work on learning to read Lao too haha

          • ahh thank you for that!! i need to watch more Thai dramas, because i talked this with my sister and she totally agreed with you. lol

            and haha yesyes, i need to learn!! but my dad told me that if you know Thai, it’s hard to learn Lao. but for a majority of Lao people, they are able to read Thai though. not sure if it seems that way, but my parents are able to read it and what not. lol

  2. Hi, may I know the conversations ? Like at the beginning (girl) and the end (jack). Thanks ! 😀

    • At the beginning the girl finishes the needle point and is like “What do you think? Pretty?” and “Don’t forget to take care of the fish and water the flowers every day” Then on the video she says he doesn’t have to wait for her anymore. I didn’t hear any lines from Jack, did I miss them?

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