3 comments on ““วันที่ฉันกลัว (Wun Tee Chun Glua)” by Frick

  1. When u take a look at the lyrics,U would think this song would be a little harder like Zeal type of hard ^^

    • I agree, the lyrics are nice, but the song would be better if it were harder or had more emotion in it. But Frick have always been one of the most forgettable bands in Thailand ^^;; I saw them in concert once, and all I can remember were all of their songs sounding like this, either being too slow for the song or no emotion in the music, and I couldn’t wait for them to be over. They never even released a full album of their own, and I haven’t heard from them in a couple years, I wonder if they’re still togther..

  2. Haha forgettable bands ^^
    Wow a concert? I don’t mind one or two songs…but i wouldn’t be able to survive a concert :p
    Wish it had a bodyslam sound ^^

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