2 comments on ““ผู้ชายที่รักเธอที่สุด (Not Your Best Man)” by K-Otic

  1. 너의 완벽한 남자
    neoye wanbyeokhan namja
    Your perfect man
    너의 최고의 남자
    neoye chwegoye namja
    Your best man
    난 너의 남자
    nan neoye namja
    I’m your man
    너만을 사랑하는 남자
    neomaneul saranhaneun namja
    A man who only loves you
    **과거에 아픈 상처 너의 눈물을 모두 내가 잊어 빼는 – be your last
    **gwageoeh apeun sangcheo neoye nunmuleul modu naega ijeo bbeneun? – be your last
    **Hurtful wounds from the past, your tears I will (make you?) forget them – all be your last
    나 오직 너만을 바라볼 남자
    Na ojik neomaneul barabol namja
    I’ll be the man who will only looks at you

    **(One of his lines in particular was hard for me to understand because it sounded like he said 잊어 빼는 but that is not good korean. I guess I misheard so… I just wrote that and translated it to what I though he meant in parenthesis. His voice is hard to understand sometimes ><)

    • Thanks again! Updated with credit <3
      And yes, even the Thai members' Thai is ridiculously hard to understand sometimes too. No one annunciates nowadays hahaha

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