2 comments on ““วน (Won)” by Utt Angkun Yes’sir Days (อัทธ์ อังค์กูณฑ์)

  1. I’m back! I have been MIA for so long and I am just so amaze how devoted you are and how much effort you put into your blog. I am so excited to through all these amazing songs that I had missed. Be prepare to see me spazzing away; Hehehe. Going on, this is actually my first time hearing Utt Angkun and I must say that he is good. Like good, good where I thought for a moment that I was listening to Potato. Thanks, sweet!

    • Welcome back! I wondered where you’d disappeared to haha~~
      Utt does have a nice voice, doesn’t he? He’s the lead singer of the newer band Yes’sir Days, but I guess Grammy had him go solo for this project album. They’re doing pretty well as a band, they may be the next big rock group~~

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