6 comments on ““เปล่าเจ้าชู้ (Plao Jao Choo)” by Four-Mod

    • They used to be really cute like 8,9 years ago. Now I think they’re just getting too old for this style of Kamikaze. I think Mod is 22 and Four is 25 now, so I feel like they would be better to dress and sing a more age-appropriate style of music rather than cutesie cutesie teenie flirty in highpitched voice. But that’s just me haha.

      Also the girls used to give interviews all the time about how much they hate each other and don’t get along, yet they stay together all these years -_- hahaha

      • 55555, really, they dont’s get along each other?, this is so fun? how you make a career with some one that you hate? This is more than fun thank you for the info, so weird the entertainment world in Thailand!!!! And yeah, the should have another kind os style or have a solo career already!!! Muchas gracias!!!

        • It’s not Thailand, it’s the music industry in all countries. I know many Kpop and Jpop groups that are like this too. Pop groups are usually put together by the record label and don’t know each other before hand. If they sign a contract, they have to work with their bandmates for however long the contract is, no matter how much they hate each other. xD But I’m sure Four Mod have had contract renewals, so I don’t know why they keep resigning aha, maybe they don’t have a career anywhere else if they don’t haha

          • Well, this is good point of view, some artist can’t have a solo career just like that, to be honest, four and mod aren’t the most talented girls, also, you’re right they are successful together, so I guess we will have For-mod for a while ;_;…. Thank you Tahmnong!!!

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