4 comments on ““แค่บอกว่ารักเธอ (Kae Bauk Wah Ruk Tur)” by Pramote Wilepana (ปราโมทย์ วิเลปะนะ)

  1. This song is just too cute! Just love Pramote and his music; I find it very relaxing somehow. Hehehe. Thank you 🙂

  2. Hey i really like this website and all the other translation but there are many mistakes in this translation of this song, Some sentences are totally different from true lyrics

    • It would be nice if you were specific with any lines or words you think are wrong. I just went through the whole thing, line by line, from the official lyrics and everything looks fine to me. Could it be that you’re confusing it with another song? It is an extremely common song title.
      Edit: I’ve added the official YouTube link, you can compare yourself

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