4 comments on ““Angry Boo” by Seven Days 2

    • Hahaha~ xD
      I guess it’s about a girl who likes flirting with other guys and ignoring her boyfriend to make him jealous, then gets offended when he gets mad? Aha, how annoying, I hate girls like that -_-”
      Would have been more appealing if it was about a ghost 5555+ xD

      • Lmao, I definitely agree with you, Tahmnong. That would of been more fun; Hahaha. I got to admit that the melody and beat was really nice and catchy though. Is this consider a whole new group/band or special? Since I notice that Mod is a part of this but is still with Four Mod. Thank you!

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    so there’s a full audio out.
    meaning there’s no MV of this yet.
    the song sounds pretty good… if you don’t knwo what the song is talking about. lol anyways, you can read the translations to get a better sense of the song.
    but pretty much the girl doesn’t want her boyfriend to be an Angry Boo… that she’s doing this to make him jealous, be possessive, and she finds it cute when he’s worried.

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