6 comments on ““ถามไม่คิด (Silly Question)” by FFK (Faye Fang Kaew)

  1. Hey ! Sorry to keep asking you about the details of the mv :X but may I know what fang was saying at the beginning, what the guy was saying at 3.05 and what’s written and typed at 1.43 and 2.24 respectively ? Sorry and thanks !

    • At the beginning she says “Check it out, our chair is now a sofa! We’re waiting for you to get back!” because putting a pillow on a love seat apparently makes it a sofa ahaha.

      And they guy says “it’s been a long time, why haven’t you forgotten me?”

      in the card she says “Stop reading at page 176 cause I want you to read it when you’re lonely”

      And the text message says “however old you are I won’t leave you”
      Romantic ahaha

      • Hahah ! I see I see. Thanks !
        The mv’s quite confusing, it’s like he toyed with all three of them ?! So I’m assuming he messaged and wrote that to the other girls too ?

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