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  1. thanks for the translation 😀
    now, I was able to understand what the meaning of the speaking parts, because i’m from Indonesia
    come back soon Jongbae~ we will miss you

    • Thanks! Glad I could help~ ^_^
      And if you ever have any questions learning Thai, let me know as well~ :3

  2. I think this part: I keep my head up ****** but I will take my chance
    is this: I keep my head up jikan ka kate mo I will take my chance.
    Can’t really figure out what the japanese means exactly but that’s what it sounds like… something like “I keep my head up even as time passes, also I will take my chance”?

    the line: To the last, to the the negativity down sounds more like “To the last burn the negativity down”.

    And the Korean rap sounds like:
    nega oediga ne moseup hadi ne maumsogen only you
    shigani chinado chinado nayegeneun just for you.

    I’m not sure if that’s the correct spelling for korean romanization and I dunno what it means but that’s what it sounds like.

    And the line: As far as I can see, you institute the oversee (?) sounds more like “As far as I can see, you must leave to the overseas” but I can’t tell for sure…

    Hope that helps even a tiny bit! 🙂

  3. “I am the one that kinda never thought that things would turn out this way and I hope you gotta being fascinate” (?) I think this is correct

    • You mean in place of “I never thought that things would turn out this way
      And I hope we gotta be back some day”?
      I clearly hear “back some day,” which would make more sense because they’re disbanding..
      But thanks for your input 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for translating the song and the interview.. I am so sadden to see them disbanded.. But I wish them the best and that they’ll reunite once again in the near future.. They were my favorite KZ artist ever since their debut.. I will always be their fan! Oh… my heart… I remember why I went mia in thai music.. because K-OTIC was leaving me.. boohoo. T_T

    K-OTIC FOREVER!!! Just like D2B… T_T Thanks once again Tahmnong. -Aiko

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    better lyrics translation than my own!
    but… because i love this song so fckn much. lol
    and….. Tahmnong also translated the speaking parts… so yeah. 😀
    check it out please!

  6. omg, thank you so much for this!!
    lol… i should have just waited for you to do it instead of doing this on my own. lol
    thank you thank you so much!!

    as for the rap… Kenta’s part: “****** but” might be “strength cut, demo”

    Tomo’s: “I know it’s pure fact” might be “they know it’s pure fact”
    “when it’s stormin’ and the aftermath” might be “rain and storm in the aftermath”
    “you leaving to the overseas” might be “something something took you oversea”

    Jongbae’s rap seems more like:

    naega odega de motseun han deun nim motseun kkem only you
    shigani jena ojena dol nal ege nan just for you
    promise you i’ll never and ever forget you
    no matter where i am my love for you is still the same

    sorry for being a pain or whatever~ thought i could give some help as that’s how it sounds like to me

    but thank you soooooooooooo much!

  7. here is Jongbae’s rap
    you all were pretty close, but here’s what he is really saying:

    내가 어디에 가든 무엇을 하든
    naega eodieh gadeun mwoseul hadeun
    Wherever I go whatever (I) do
    내 마음 속에 only you
    nae maeum soge only you
    Inside my hear only you
    시간이 지나고 지나도 나에게는 just for you
    sigani jinago jinado naegeneun just for you
    Time passes and although it passes for me (it’s) just for you
    promise you I never, and ever forget you
    no matter where I am
    my love for you stay the same

  8. Loveeeee thiss song so muchhhhhhh!!!! Cuz film bangkok kungfu I falling love tomo n k-otic song 😀 thank you for lyric translate…… From malaysia 🙂 sayang kamu!!!

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