4 comments on ““ผู้ชายคนนี้กำลังหมดแรง (Poo Chai Kon Nee Gumlung Mot Raeng)” by Aof Pongsak

  1. I swear every time this man comes out with an album, he never disappoint you. Every album and song always got to have a fascinating and impressive meaning behind it. It really was a pleasure to meet him and hear him sing this song love. His music and singing is a lot more beautiful and meaningful in person. Thank you!

  2. I gave this song about 100 listens before I got here and found out what the song was about, but even before this, the beautiful chord progression + intricate melody and Aof’s interpretation were more than enough to give me chills and make me cry. What an awesome song!! Thx for translating!!

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