6 comments on ““หายใจเข้าก็ยังรอ หายใจออกก็ยังจำ (Hai Jai Kao Gor Yung Ror, Hai Jai Auk Gor Yung Jum)” by Noona

  1. Wow, you’re so amazing!
    I can’t believe that you’ll take my request soon like this! Actually I don’t really understand this MV, but I love it.
    Thank you so much! ^^

    • Hee hee, any time~ ^_^
      I really like translating, so I try to do a little every day.
      I don’t have a lot of requests lately, so I can usually get to them right away. It’s kind of boring if I don’t have any requests, I just put my ipod on random and translate whatever comes up, but most of it is older songs I don’t know if people even listen to anymore hahaha xD
      So feel free to request more if you have any, especially if you see the request page empty xD

  2. can i understand better from the word “hai jai”, หายใจ. in thai its 1 word, but in english, it can be used for both inhale and exhale?

    kop kun.

    • หายใจ (Hai jai) means “to breathe” in general

      หายใจเข้า (hai jai kao) means “to inhale” – literally “breathe in” – เข้า (kao) means “to enter” or “to go in”

      หายใจออก (hai jai auk) means “to exhale” – literally “breathe out” – ออก (auk) means “to depart from” or “to go out”

      Make sense? 🙂

  3. Just when I was listening to this song and came upon here; you had already translated it. Saved me trouble from piecing up all the words that I know to try to understand the meaning; Lol. I got to say that I got to love this woman, she had just debuted her first album and she is already on roll. Such an amazing women! Thank you!

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