3 comments on ““กระดึ๊บ กระดึ๊บ (Gradeup Gradeup)” by China Dolls

  1. It’s great to see you translating these old songs. Bring back so much memories of growing up listening to them. They were so unique in their singing days. It would of been so great to meet Bell when she came to the states, but I sadly couldn’t make it. Sucks, but oh well. Thank you!

    • It’s nice to see someone enjoys the older songs too!! xD <3
      Whenever I'm caught up with requests and don't know what to translate, I just put my ipod on random and translate whatever comes up. But most of the time it's older songs like this, and I'm never sure if anyone cares about them anymore hahaha

      Awwwe, I really wanted to see Bell when she came to the US too! But I didn't find out she was coming until it was too late to get the time off work 🙁 Some day~~~ And I'll find Hwahwa in Taiwan someday too hahaha

  2. That’s really smart of you to come up with that idea! Because if you instead were to just randomly pick it yourself it would of been really hard since there is so many good songs; Lol. Its great to listen to older songs because it always bring good memories or remind yourself how good the song was. Hope to see more these older song coming. Again, thank you! ^_^

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