3 comments on ““ฝัน หวาน อาย จูบ (Fun Wahn Ai Joob)” by August Band ft. Ploy Natcha

  1. Oh, my. Oh, my must I say that this song is super sweet. The melody was so soothing and to just have such sweet meanings it was such a plus. I can’t believe it, this song was back in 2008 and I never heard of it. I must have been too picky on my musics back then; Lol. Loved it, thank you!

    • It was the OST for a movie of the same Thai title, I think the English title was “4 Romance” ~
      It came out shortly after the movie “Phobia” and was made in the same style, except instead of horror movies, it was made up of four mini romance stories 🙂 It was cute~ I’d recommend checking it out if you ever get the chance

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