3 comments on ““ปากดี (Pahk Dee)” by Potato

  1. Nice song from POTATO… Potato is one of my favorites band from Thailand. I Like the songs, the videos and the lyrics. Long Live to the POTATO!!!

  2. Wow, this song was ever since from 2005! I have not realized how many years it had been when I start listening to Potato and Clash them. Makes me feel like a old lady; Lol. Funny thing about these two rock band that happened to me was that I was actually a bigger fan to Potato than Clash, but once I met Bank and the group I completely placed Clash first on my list and placed Potato second; Haha. I just couldn’t help it, Bank in person was just so hot and charming that it blew me away but now that they had sadly disband Potato had came back as #1 on my list. Since I had met Clash, my next wish and hope is that this Potato “concert tour” that had been said for many years will come true. Thank you! 🙂

    • I like CLASH too… another that I like it!!! But for me, Potato is the Best one… in my opinion. I hope see them play one day…

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