5 comments on ““Blink Blink” by Candy Mafia

  1. Heh, I actually like this song for some reason. I think mainly for the MV. I thought you spoke Korean, though? I actually found that part romanized (English letters, not Korean characters) online, so if you want me to post that and you take a guess at it?

    • Haha, no, I speak Chinese and Japanese, I only just started Korean a year ago, am still pretty low level, and translated this before I moved to Korea. But sure, if you have the lyrics, I can take a look at it or try to twist the husband’s arm into helping out xD

      • Oh, you two got married? Last we spoke, you said you had a boyfriend, not husband. Wow, congratulations!
        Okay, the romanization is this: Na meg na month oh mig ka med so pah lor sho lo go. Sah net tar led tar get tar get do do ra ka par goh.
        Maybe also he could listen to it and guess it that way?

        And, I’m working on translating the one from G-twenty, too. Someone translated it to Spanish, and I’m trying to translate it to English, so I’ll let you know when I got it.

        Also, how do you know so many languages? Wow.

        • Oh, no, we didn’t, not officially haha, I never know what to refer to him as. We actually don’t have any pressing desire to get government-approved married any time soon, if at all, but for all intents and purposes we’re married in every other aspect haha.

          Ouch, that looks like Thai and not Korean since it’s not in standard Konglish hahaha but I’ll try to pick it apart when I get off work.

          Also I can speak Spanish too, if you have a Spanish translation you want to send it over too haha

          I took Japanese in middle and high school and majored in Chinese at uni (though my Japanese has deteriorated greatly). I’m also half Puerto Rican, but I never learned it academically, only speaking with my mom, so my grammar knowledge is limited haha

  2. Did you ever manage to find out the verse in this song based on what I gave you? Or the info I left for the rap in “Bye Bye Boy” by G-twenty?

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